Hi I’m Arunava Chatterjee, a certified professional in Nutrition and Fitness from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness (INFS). If you are reading this it means you have decided to start your fitness journey. Well congratulations!

Have you have been following SQUATS Facebook group or my public posts on social media? If yes then  you would have seen many successful transformations of my clients.. Most are enjoying the benefits of having made a fitter choice, maintaining their body composition with proper diet and exercise, even after completion of their program.,  They come from all walks of life, be students, working professionals, home-makers or retired individuals ( well very few people have the luxury of retiring now-a -days don’t they ). 

How do I help them during the program? : 

I USE MY EXPERIENCE - I have always been a sports lover being an active member of sports teams in school and university, I would say excelling the most in squash my favourite . Being an IIT trained engineer and MBA from a premier institute, I have spent innumerable months and years in the corporate world, and been witness to  many young executives losing track of health and well being, with myself being no exception. Corporate world tends to take a toll. 

I USE THE TESTED TWO PRONGED APPROACH : When faced with debilitating injuries, it was my approach to exercise and structured nutrition which helped me make a new beginning. From a person who would find it difficult to even stand on their own feet to lifting weights and feeling strong like never before. I am currently overall in the best shape of my life. Will this approach work for everyone? Yes! Structured Nutrition and Exercise work for everyone. Some people say it works like magic.  But for that YOU need to work too! 

DOES AGE MATTER : Only to the extend people may struggle to guess your true age, because your health and fitness can improve to a point when you look much younger ?! Other than that. not really!

NEED MORE PROOF ? Look through the transformation and testimonials in my profile and my posts on social media and convince yourself. Meanwhile I’ll be waiting right here to help you kick-start your fitness journey.  

All the Best!


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