Aniketh Shetty


Aniketh Shetty

Hi,I'm Aniketh and I am here to make some changes in your life. While you  are checking out all the consultants to see how good they are and which one to consult, let me tell this that all are equally brilliant and as far as my case goes, please check the transformation pics and feedbacks given to me.  I also teach nutrition to many people and I am the Content Writer to books related to "Nutrition and Fitness Sciences". Just because I am telling you that I am good at what I do, it would look like I am just bragging about myself and I would like to refrain from doing that. I am not going to convince you to take up my consult. If you really are skeptical about this, you can take up my services and see, because if you are left unsatisfied in the end, you will get a refund or a consultant change. How about that? I am positive you will not need to go through that hassle though.

Also, you will get full support through WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK MESSENGER AND TELEPHONIC CALLS APART FROM EMAILS, whichever you prefer and the program will be as personalised and customized as it can get.

Contest Prep


Sports Nutrition


General well being

Strength and conditioning



Post pregnancy weight loss

Specialized packages

Certified Physique and Figure Training Specialist

Certified Physique and Figure Training Specialist

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