Hi! I'm Jyotsanaa,  a PhD in HR by profession and an Expert level certified Nutrition and Training Consultant from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Science (INFS).
I believe life is a gift to be cherished and every individual should be healthy to lead a happy life.
My earnest desire is help people around me get fit, celebrate  life and be a better person with an optimum mental, physical and emotional quotient.
I myself was a victim of Obesity and its accompanying problems, which I successfully got rid of by shedding 25 kgs of excess weight/fat by following a routine of regular exercise coupled with proper Nutrition. 
I was helped and supported by like minded individuals and now its time for me to pay back. 

I wish to support you too in your Fitness journey by providing sustainable results in improving the quality of your life by helping you get a fit and healthy body, which in turn will takes care of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 
Let nothing stop you from living a healthy,happy and a successful life. I’m here to help you through it.


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Strength and conditioning



Post pregnancy weight loss



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