Siddhartha Choudhury


Siddhartha Choudhury

"With over a decade of strength training and 3 years of following quantified nutrition. I amalgamated my experience with science of nutrition and fitness.
I believe fitness is not just counting calories and pushing weights. My approach to transformation is holistic. I believe in habit-based coaching. 
I understand client’s food relationship and the cravings. 
I understand lack of motivation.
I understand client’s stress due to work, family, relationship, responsibilities.
I understand body image issues and the low confidence. Because I have been there.

If you have the will and the desire to transform. Let me be your guide and we shall use my experience, the power of science and your hard work to change your life.
I specialise in:
•	Transformation
•	Fat loss
•	Bodybuilding
•	Contest Prep
•	Sports Nutrition
To get in touch drop a Whatsapp message on +91 971111 3223

Contest Prep


Sports Nutrition


Strength and conditioning


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