Workout Step

  • Step-1
    Begin in a standing position with good posture
  • Step-2
    Shoulders should be relaxed and positioned over the hips
  • Step-3
    Knees should remain straight but soft (not locked or stiff).Hold the kettlebell in front of the body, grasping the horns (the vertical sides of the handle)
  • Step-4
    The handle should face down and the bottom or ball of the kettlebell faces up.Begin by circling to the right
  • Step-5
    Carry the kettlebell around the right side of your head and let the kettlebell drop down behind the neck
  • Step-6
    Finish the circle by bringing it around the left side of your head back to the starting position
  • Step-7
    You will be touching your hair—you almost want to mess it up as you come around.After you complete one full rotation, reverse direction
  • Step-8
    Begin by circling to the left and finish by coming around the right back to the starting position

Kettlebell halo



Have a 10x10 free space for exercising and dumbbell of choice.

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