Workout Step

  • Step-1
    Start by lying down on the floor, legs extended, arms by your sides
  • Step-2
    Practice contracting your abs by engaging your core and driving your lower back into the ground
  • Step-3
    Squeeze your inner thighs together to help initiate the move
  • Step-4
    There should be no room between the lower back and the floor
  • Step-5
    Keep your abs contracted and raise your legs 2-3 inches above the floor
  • Step-6
    Keep the lower back on the floor
  • Step-7
    Raise your head off the floor (1-2 inches) and extend your arms overhead and behind you
  • Step-8
    Make sure you are pressing the lower back into the floor
  • Step-9
    Hold for 30 seconds (or as long as possible) before lowering the legs and shoulders to the floor
  • Step-10

Hollow hold



Have a carpet/exercise mat/ soft ground to lie flat on.

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