Workout Step

  • Step-1
    Extend your left foot forward bending your left knee at about a 90 degree angle
  • Step-2
    Place the palms together in the anjali-mudra
  • Step-3
    Raise your arms straight up keeping the palms together while bending the head backward and looking up
  • Step-4
    Slowly bend backward stretching the arms backward and straightening out the right leg
  • Step-5
    Hold this position for as long as comfortable while breathing gently Then slowly come to the starting position, and repeat this movement on the other side Repeat for the prescribed number of repetitions
  • Step-6
    And that’s how you do Anjaneya-asana Precautions: avoid this pose if you have High B.P., shoulder, knee or hip injury.

Anjaneya-asana – The Salutation Pose



Anjaneyasana makes the gluteus muscles and the quadriceps stronger. Let’s look at how it’s done: 1. Sit comfortably in the vajra-asana (thunderbolt pose). 2. Then come up on your knees until your back, buttocks and thighs are aligned.

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