Workout Step

  • Step-1
    Raise the hips a little
  • Step-2
    The hands should be in line with the knees; the arms and thighs should be perpendicular to the floor
  • Step-3
    Inhale, raise the left arm and right leg up, so they’re parallel to the floor
  • Step-4
    Balance the body, look forward
  • Step-5
    Hold the pose for 5 breaths
  • Step-6
    Exhale, release the left hand and right leg
  • Step-7
    Repeat on the other side by raising the left leg and right arm
  • Step-8
    Precautions: People with knees or lower back problems should avoid this practice.

Alternate Leg Hand Balance/ Dandayamana Bharmanasana



This pose helps in improving the flexibility of the spine and lower back, toning and shaping the abdominal muscles and creates a slimming effect on thighs, hips and arms. Let's look at the steps: Sit down on your knees Lean forward and place the hands flat on the floor beneath the shoulders with the fingers facing forward.

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