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Rajan Palan
07 Sep 2023

Zainab is the one who helped me overcome my fear by providing me with tips, tricks & hacks with which quantification can be made easy. The best thing she did was that she kept almost all the food items that I was already consuming & just tailored the portion sizes. Apart from quantification, she taught me the importance of protein & how it plays a crucial role in retaining & building muscles while on a caloric-deficit diet along with the significance of proper hydration, sleep & recovery. Thank you Zainab for your guidance and mentorship. I would highly recommend her to all my family and friends if they ever wish to transform their health.

Hakimuddin Barodawala
14 Jun 2023

We opted for Fittr on a friend's recommendation, and we would like to say that it was one of the wise and good decisions of our life. Our journey with Fittr is beneficial in many ways , and most of that was because of the guidance and support of our coach, Zainab Cutlerywala. She was patient yet firm, and she helped us understand that losing weight is not about extreme dieting and aggressive workouts but is rather a change in your lifestyle altogether by adapting to healthy eating habits and consistent exercising. She designed our meal plans as per our preferences , so we ate what we liked in the proper proportion. We do slipped to follow our meal plan. However, she followed up with us every week without fail and made sure that we were on track and made changes according to our progress. With all that help, we have covered good ground and very happy with the progress we have achieved. Though there is much to achieve and so much more to learn and adapt to when it comes to balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Zainab has set the foundation stone for us, and for that, we shall be forever grateful. Thank you again, Zainab, for being patient, understanding and guiding us towards a better healthy life. Wishing you all the best and hope and pray that you can change many more lives for the better. :)

Sabeen Siddique
21 May 2023

Me and my husband took Zainab as our coach and trainer she's super sweet and very accommodating. she definitely helped us with nutrition and training in a way that it has now become our habit which is hard to change. credit goes to Zainab. thank you Zainab for motivating us and helped us choosing a healthy lifestyle journey is still on and we will achieve the desired goal InshaaAllah. she has definitely been a strong Kick for us to follow our journey every day. before her it was not like that all. . highly recommended coach

10 May 2023

Zainab is the coach you need! I was lost with my weight loss journey for a year. She gave me direction and I saw amazing results. Her diet chart options are flexible and she was an equal part of my journey! Totally recommend her ❤️