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Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition

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Certified Sports Nutrition Expert

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Managing and Understanding Obesity

Weight Management

Child Nutrition

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Rebuilding Food Relationship (Stanford)

Intro to Food and Health (Stanford)

NASM Nutrition Essentials

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Dhivya Swaminathan
05 Jan 2024

Joining Yash on FITTR was one of the best decisions I made in 2023, I started my weight loss journey with the intent to lose about 15 pounds , that I had gained and to bounce back to normalcy, but life happened and I found out that i was pregnant with my second child, initially I was skeptical about continuing to track food and exercises, despite the fact that I have been working out and have healthy food habits for the past 6-8 years. But i decided to continue food tracking and was put on a pregnancy plan, I ate diverse foods and enjoyed a small snack of my choice, sticking to my calorie and macro targets, I gained weight steadily and in a controlled fashion, was able to commute to work and be energetic through out the day.I delivered baby girl normally and no gestational diabetes or excessive weight gain in my second pregnancy, all credit goes to Yash, for keeping me on track and advising on a daily basis on what workouts to continue/drop based on the stage of pregnancy.Due to active exercises during pregnancy , I was able to avoid sciatica unlike my first pregnancy, ultimately I was able to recover much faster after delivery. He knew exactly what to expect in each trimester and helped me to navigate during difficult times and I am going to continue postpartum weight loss and back to healthy eating with Yash and looking forward to the new journey.

George Joseph
24 Oct 2023

I have been with Yash for 48 weeks now. He was referred to me by someone who had used FITTR before and highly recommended his name. It took me a bit of getting used to the whole process as measuring food quantity etc was alien to me. It was only when I got my mindset right, that I saw the science at work. Yash did his best to explain the rationale why I was asked to do what I was. It seemed quite simple and repetitive at first.. but boy did it do its magic.. lost about 15 kgs in 6-7 months and then have now successfully maintained my weight at a higher calorie intake for the last nearly 4 months. I am extremely grateful to Yash for all his support and guidance. He can be a tough coach… but usually they are the best one’s. Wish you all the best Yash.

15 Oct 2023

Yash is awesome , already in a few weeks of my fitness journey and seeing results . Keeps track of your updates , and modifies your requirements , whether it’s diet routine or fitness routine or your daily habits and routine life , and keeps pushing you to get to your desired fitness level, thumbs up to him and his team .

Bhavya Garg
27 Sep 2023

Having Yash as my mentor is one of the best decision I made in my life. He continually helps me to raise my limits and keep challenging myself. Yash is extremely knowledgeable and keeps me motivated. He knows exactly when to be strict and guides me like his friend. I am a very stubborn person and most of the times I fail to maintain my routine. But Yash always comes up with different strategies so that I don’t fail and adhere to the plan.He is just the right combination of push and encouragement. Even with so many deviations I managed to loose weight. I am sure if it was not Yash I would have definitely gained some extra pounds in this 24 weeks of journey. He is always happy to modify the diet according to my requiremets. Whether it’s a fast day or travel day. Looking forward to continuing with him in the future for my weight loss journey and transforming myself. Thank you Yash for being there as my mentor. I highly recommend him to everyone who feels I cannot transform.