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FITTR kids
Pre & Post Natal Training
13 Sep 2023

I am so happy with Vrushali’s yoga coaching. She explains about each asana and their benefits which makes them very interesting and simple to follow. She listens patiently and easily adapts accordingly to my needs and situations while encouraging and motivating me to do my best. It’s only been a month but I already feel fitter and more flexible. Highly recommended!

07 Sep 2023

Vrushali is very good trainer. She is very flexible with timing. I enjoyed yoga sessions with her specially the meditation part that was enough to take out all my stress. I would recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to start his/her day with full of positive energy.

Inu Agarwal
26 Aug 2023

Very good trainer... Always available and also flexible as per client needs.. Highly recommended

Gitika Khurana
18 Aug 2023

I started my journey with Vrushali a while back, with the goal to incorporate yoga asanas into my daily routine and get a grip of my overall health. Secondary goal was to lose weight in due course of time as I was overweight as well. For anyone who is trying to shed a lot of weight, first few days/weeks are rather difficult as you have a long journey ahead of you. What helped me a great deal during the initial phase were Vrushali’s efforts to keep a daily check on weight and step count; even on weekends when we did not have a session. Regular follow up during the initial phase helped me a lot to build a consistent exercise routine. I highly appreciate her sincere efforts towards it. Also, Vrushali is open to taking sessions over weekends in order to make up for any missed sessions during the week, which is a big positive as well. Personally, I feel during our sessions, she helps me push myself a lil’ everyday which works well in the end for me :). I would like to thank Vrushali for her efforts and would highly recommend her as a personal fitness coach.