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INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness

INFS Basic course in Nutrition and Fitness

Yoga Protocol Instructor certificate

YCB certificate

NSDC-SPEFL certificate

Clinical nutrition -Gastro and Psychosomatic

Clinical Nutrition III- Renal Hepatic and Ageing Disorders

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Sunidhi Katre
11 May 2023

Vishamjeet is an exceptional fitness coach who goes beyond the conventional norms. Her expertise has helped me transform my physical health but also the entire lifestyle. With her patient and helpful approach, she ensures that her clients feel supported and motivated throughout their fitness journey. Alongside her extensive knowledge, Vishamjeet's jolly nature brings an element of fun and positivity to every workout session, making her an excellent choice for those seeking an uplifting and effective fitness experience.

Arushi Gupta
08 May 2023

Visham is one of the most energetic and amazing person I have met. This makes her an excellent coach as well. Her knowledge and passion for fitness is incredible. She explains everything in detail, shares the logic behind whatever Diet or workout plans she makes, this helps you to be in charge of what you are doing. She constantly keeps tracking for the updates to ensure you are doing the right form, eating right or if there’s anything of concern with the schedule. The best part is she remains more worried about your fitness journey than you :) You will tell her problem she will give you the solution but won’t let you quit. She understands your schedule and suggests changes that can fit within your schedule. I think that is a very important part. Her expertise, dedication, and positive attitude has been instrumental in bringing some lifestyle changes in my routine. Thank you so much Visham for al the efforts you had put in. It was an absolute pleasure to have you as my mentor. 😁

Sonica Aron
03 May 2023

Visham is an awesome coach. She explains the logic behind every strategy and plan which makes following them easy. Even if one deviates slightly, the explanation help us get back on track. She keeps in touch through the week and motivates to stay on track with exercise. I had tried so many nutritionists, fad diets before this with zero results. With Visham, there is minimal disruption in my daily routine yet mindful healthy changes which are simple to integrate in my busy schedule. I have lost 7 kgs in 3 months and the inch loss is so visible. I have learnt to manage my macros on a daily basis. When I do break the diet, I do so without guilt knowing I can balance it the next day with minimal or no impact. Really grateful to Visham for her patient coaching!

Shipra Paliwal
23 Apr 2023

Visham is an excellent coach. Her diet is very practical and easy to follow. She motivates me to continue the program. She explains every thing in detail . The workouts given by her are easy to do. She is a very positive person and her positive vibes makes me help to achieve my goals.