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INFS Diploma in Nutrition and Fitness

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Clinical nutrition -Gastro and Psychosomatic

Clinical Nutrition III- Renal Hepatic and Ageing Disorders

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02 Jun 2024

After my second pregnancy, I faced a lot of anxiety and physical issues, and I was unsure about getting back into a fitness routine. Working with Vishamjeet over the past 6 months has been a game-changer. From our first session, she put me at ease and tailored every workout to suit my specific needs and goals. She ensure every exercise is done with the correct form, which has been crucial in avoiding injuries and maximizing results. Despite having to take physiotherapy for some physical issues, Vishamjeet has been incredibly supportive and adapted my workouts to accommodate my recovery process. What I appreciate most is Vishamjeet's understanding and support regarding my post-pregnancy anxiety. She have created a welcoming environment that has significantly helped me manage my anxiety while getting stronger and healthier. Thanks to Vishamjeet, I've seen substantial improvements in my physical fitness and mental well-being.

Mahima Maniar
02 Jun 2024

Amazing coach and a friend who is so understanding yet strict. Accomodates all your issues, hears you out well and then gives suggestions and motivates you to follow it. Thank you coach for my journey till now! Still a long way to go though ­čĺ¬

Yasmin Naaz
26 May 2024

Start with a big THANK Visham, for your unwavering support and the inspiration you have provided. Your guidance has been instrumental to my success, I have become stronger and more confident in my abilities..I'm grateful for you motivation and encouragement during my workouts. Coach Visham, your passion for coaching is infectious and inspiring, and I am lucky to have had as you as a mentor. once again thank you Vishamjeet, for being an exceptional mentor.

27 Apr 2024

Starting a fitness journey at 58, with thyroid issues and diabetes, left me uncertain. Fittr Coach Vishamjeet changed that. Her expertise and personalized approach have transformed my outlook. From the start, Vishamjeet understood my unique health concerns. Her tailored plan, considering my medical history, limitations, and goals, was evident of her knowledge. Vishamjeet prioritized safety, pushing me just enough for progress without risking injury. Her clear explanations and constant support kept me motivated. Her genuine care for clients shines through. She ensures support at every step, answering questions promptly and providing timely feedback. I recommend Fittr Coach Vishamjeet wholeheartedly, especially for those facing health challenges. Her expertise, empathy, and unwavering support have improved my physical health and confidence. Thank you, Vishamjeet, for guiding me towards better health.