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12 Apr 2023

Once you get to train under Vishal you would agree with me that Vishal stands for V - Versatile I - Intelligent S - Strong H - hardworking A - Authentic L - Loyal I have been training under Vishal for more than 6 months & he made me believe that I can do any skills even though it looks impossible because It simply means that I need to work hard patiently & consistently. He is the gem of not only Calesthenics but a Weight training guru as well. He makes sure that all of his mentees do execute every workout basics or advanced with proper form. His technique of coaching is very unique & strong. He is the most punctual person I have ever met. At the same time he is very humble, down to earth & at the same time strict to make sure his mentees do progress well. Under his coaching now I can do pistol squats like a piece of cake. I can do Pullups, chin ups, pushups, diamond pushups, tricep dips, elevated pike push-ups, kick to wall handstands & back rollunder his guidance. Now we are working to learn handstands, clapping pushups & L sits. I do believe in his coaching skills blindly & just follow what he says because I know it's only going to make me more strong & skillful with every passing day. He has become my lifetime coach now for Calesthenics & weight training because there is still so much to learn & Vishal put his 200% to make sure that his mentees do progress and touch the limit of the sky. If you are looking for a Calesthenics or weight training coach don't look further because you are going to get super lucky if you gotta chance to be trained under him. He is the best ever coach one could have. Thankyou Vishal unleashing my true potential & making me believe that I can do it!!

Pitre Sumedha
21 Sep 2022

True to my expectations, rather I would say more than my expectations, are his teachings. His methodology is simple, sticking to basics and focusing on the same. 4 weeks under his mentorship and I can feel the improvements in my forms- be it push ups or planks. And his able guidance has helped me improve my forms in other exercises too. He is a hard working coach and tries to get the best out of you. I’m extremely happy with his training and looking forward to to unlocking my wish list in calisthenics under him. Thank you Vishal

Shashwat Sharma
11 Jul 2022

I’m a 13 year old boy living in Dubai. My mom forced me to join calisthenics. I was really skeptical and I wanted to act like I was bored so my mom wouldn’t force me. But when I took my trial class, I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying it! I then stopped taking class as a burden and started taking it as a gift. I don’t think that if any other coach was there than I would have continued. Coach Vishal helps in making me understand each and every single movement to the most minute detail. In fact, it took me 2 months to get there, but I learnt my first push-ups! Coach Vishal also has a very nice and motivational way of teaching. With his teaching, I might end up being good at calisthenics but I definitely will end up being a good human being. One thing he tells me is that if you are consistent in doing something, then you will achieve it. Thanks a lot coach, let’s keep going!

Meghana Karande
06 May 2022

Calisthenics can be very intimidating for beginners, especially those like me who haven't worked out properly for over a year. But enrolling with Vishal was a great decision, he has helped me appreciate tiny progress and do a little better every session. It has been over a month since I started training under him, he has been a very patient teacher, shares the knowledge about the exercises and how it affects the body, overall a great mentor who helps to develop their mentees self-confidence. Would love to see what I can achieve this year with his help. Thank you Vishal and keep shining :)