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Arpit Agarwal
24 Oct 2021

Vishal was able to help me understand how to go on this journey for the long run. basically I am not looking for winning a competition or something, I just want to look lean. Hence, he understood my household situation and as per my desire gave me tricks on how to achieve the goal with approximation. Great Work buddy. All the best for your future career 😀

Gopesh Thakur
22 Sep 2021

Guy like me was looking for coach who can listen to me and design plan per my lifestyle and daily routine. Vishal has exactly done same, so cheers for Vishal. He listened and designed my diet and exercise which can fit in my busy life. This way I was not feeling something which is not my routine(so I can have less resistance to adapt) and still getting benefit which I wanted. He is flexible and always motivating by the words and the contents he creates. All of these things made me consistent and not give up. He cheers any success (whether it is weighing scale or measuring tape). I had a time in my 12 week transformation when I was not loosing weight for a week or so then his words about consistency helped. Often a time I asked him to create new diet chart( obviously asked him for my some food cravings to be in diet chart) for me and he did those quickly. He changed exercise plan many times as well per my need and equipment available. I have lost close to 8 kg in these 12 week and I believe most of the weight shredded was fat. I have renewed with him as I trust him with my goals. Vishal is definitely going up in the ladder as a coach and FITTR community is definitely proud on him.

Anas Bhujwala
20 Sep 2021

Joint very first time under the mentorship with VISHAL ASSAR sir with little nervous heart (in my twenties).but this 3 month transformation not only change my physique but it also made my mind strong VISHAL Sir was always with me every week on call for hours explaining each n every aspect n clearing all my doubts . Highly recommended mentor. So down to earth and thanks him for adjusting my food choice in my diet chart. Thank u so much VISHALl Sir for making my first experience the best choice.

sushant garg
20 Sep 2021

Good coach 👍🏻