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Divya Tilara
25 May 2023

I have been into strength training since couple of years. Post delivery when I resumed my fitness journey I chose Viraj as my coach. My husband and I both were enrolled with him. Needless to say he is an amazing coach. This time I learnt a lot about muscle building and eating right from him. He made us understand the concept of eating in moderation. When I hit a plateau he monitored my weight and exercises daily. More than that he motivated me to get up and do exercise and he never gave up on me neither he let me gave up on myself. There were times when I would get busy and forget to send weekly measurements to him but he never missed to keep track and reminding me. Fitness is a life style not a 12 or 24 weeks goal and he has taught us how to carry that lifestyle lifelong.

Srikanth Thondapu
08 May 2023

Viraj has been amazing mentor . His commitment and mentorship is extraordinary . He is highly knowledgeable , motivational and committed . I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to transform to join with viraj to see best results. Thanks viraj for all the guidance and help.

Ankush Gaur
29 Jan 2023

Viraj has been amazing. I took the 3 month plan and the changes were completely visible. I didn't starve, kept eating all day but of course in a controlled diet. If I was allergic or didn't feel like eating something specific, he had an alternative for almost anything. I did have to quit on alcohol for a bit to get better results but it was worth it. The exercises were based on how much I ate so it wasn't about spending 2 hours in the gym....I was done with my workout in about 45 mins to an hour. Viraj is probably the best trainer here and someone I personally trust with my body building routine. The results made me wanna keep going and it's been like that. The weekly calls helped me to stick to the plan and diet. Thank you bro!

Vanessa Lopes
05 Dec 2022

This is the second time I enrolled with Viraj and I loved the experience. He knew perfectly how to work around with my habits, when to push harder and otherwise let it be. This time was more on working around my routine and habits than on weight loss. And I believe that I will be able to sustain it for life. If I ever need to enroll it has to be Viraj!!!!!