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Pratima Trivedi
31 Jul 2023

he is awesome , he has immense knowledge of nutrition as well as fitness. he guides in all workouts ,forms . he is dedicated . he motivates and always tries maximum to come out of you. I am senior citizen , he takes care of all my limitations and always guide me best

Tanushri Tripathi
05 Jul 2023

Vinodh played a pivotal role in changing the way I approached nutrition and fitness. He has such a fine balance of handling adults by giving them the autonomy of plan and yet guiding and inspiring to keep them motivated and be self-reliant. His aim was never to work with me for just three months as per my plan but his objective was selflessly long term - to prepare me for life and change the way I approached calorie deficit, strength training, Marco nutrients, and very importantly - how to ensure there is no lack of self love and self started motivation! He is one of the most approachable coaches - very friendly - has amazing communication skills and story telling art to simplify complex fundamentals for easy absorption! Absolutely delighted and so so thankful I chose him as my coach via recommendation!

Nitin Dubey
11 Jun 2023

I am under guidance of Vinodh since past 2+ years. Below are the reasons why i am with him for so long: 1) He is a fantastic human being. Thats the first and most important quality 2) Knows his job well. Has deep understanding of Nutrition and workout. 3) Do not believe in short cuts. 4) Great ability to keep you motivated and pull back from fall down 5) Superbly approachable. I could discuss any issue with him 6) He simplify the ask very well and mold things the way you want. 7) Highly professional and structured individual 8) Takes accountability I wish him all the best. Up and Onwards 🚀

Puspendra Kumar
19 Apr 2023

I am thrilled to be able to share this with everyone out there. I started my journey with Vinodh in jan 2023 and I'll say the journey has been transformative. His exceptional understanding of nutrition and training coupled with his tips on how to eat outside made the entire journey extremely smooth. I was able to eat everything, of course I was controlling how much I ate of everything but Vinodh taught me how to accommodate this in my regular diet. Our pre-defined check ins helped me with accountability and they altered my perception of what to expect when I stood on a weighing scale, that losing weight is a part of the process -and not the whole process itself. Also, my diet was not boring in fact I had plenty of choices and that itself motivated me further to stick to my program. In terms of handholding and support you can depend on Vinodh to be there. I can categorically say that however your program is structured by him, it has a solid reasoning behind it. I am beyond impressed with him and I am definitely team up with him to start another phase of my fitness journey. Thanks so much Vinodh!