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Smita Gandhale
16 Jan 2024

I have started my journey with Vinay for better exercise recovery, energy levels, overall well-being and strength gain. Vinay made my nutrition and exercise plans very much in line with my requirements. I am very thankful to him for making me understand the importance of sleep and time management. I am glad to tell you that working on my sleep hours and managing work life balance actually started giving me results which were missing inspite of all the best the efforts on exercise and nutrition front. I am recovering very well from my exercise sessions and progressing with strength. Due to many ups and downs on the personal front I couldn't give my best always but, he made sure that I am back to routine earliest possible. His knowledgeable sessions are very helpful to understand the process better. His own dedication and consistency itself is a great inspiration to his mentees. Thanks Vinay for all your support 😊

15 Oct 2023

Hello everyone ! I'm Ajay kumar karri. my 3 months travel with my coach vinay tomar is very knowledgeable to me in exercise& nutrition and also got awareness regarding many myths in transformation and he is one of clients inspiration as a Athlete. And me enrolled for another 6 months to continue with my coach and there a lot to do in transformation for us

Tarun Mahadev
02 Oct 2023

THE BEST COACH! Hello everyone! My journey started with coach Vinay a little over 3 months and loving the process. Here are my few honest experiences.. or I can say PERKS to be with coach Vinay☺️ Vinay have extraordinary knowledge about overall fitness, it could be nutrition, workout, well being etc.. before all he is a very humble human! One can schedule any number of weekly calls to discuss in detail and i feel this is wonderful also his response to texts about any questions is very quick and really appreciated! Vinay takes very good time to explain each and every thing in detail to make one understand why they are in the process, and his support and motivation definitely boosts one to do a little more. Every Saturday group calls discussing each different topic related to fitness and sharing his knowledge helps everyone understand each and everything in detail. Well, you can ask any question and he is ready to explain in details.. I am very happy to be with Coach Vinay Tomar!

Shivam Chaudhary
31 Jul 2023

Over the past two months, Vinay has completely transformed my approach to health and wellness. His extensive expertise in fitness and nutrition has led to personalized programs that have consistently motivated and challenged me. Vinay is a beacon of inspiration, always offering unwavering support and genuine belief in my potential. Even during the toughest times, his enthusiasm has kept me focused, pushing me to surpass my limits and achieve remarkable progress. Beyond physical transformation, Vinay is dedicated to empowering me with knowledge. He takes the time to explain the science behind exercises and nutrition, ensuring I understand the "why" behind each step of the journey. This holistic approach ensures that I am equipped with the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. Thanks to Vinay's guidance, I've witnessed a significant improvement in my fitness levels, overall well-being, and nutritional habits. I wholeheartedly recommend Vinay to anyone seeking an exceptional fitness and nutrition coach. His passion for helping others shines through in every session, and I am grateful to have him as my coach.