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Megha Santwani
24 Apr 2023

Hi Folks , If you want to transform your lifestyle and change your perspective from diet to eating healthy then you don’t need to look for anywhere else as you are at the right place. I started my journey with Vikram few weeks back and it’s been an amazing journey to healthy lifestyle. I heard of him from my few friends who have done this program with Vikram and changed their lifestyle. I had few conversations with Vikram regarding my requirements and expectations before joining the program and he explained it so well and convinced me to join the program and that’s how my journey started with one of the best fitness coaches. I learned so many things about fitness and importance of eating balanced food from him. I was always worried about my holiday eating plans and take stress about gaining weight but he taught me how to make smart choices and still enjoy your holiday without putting any extra weight and then unbelievable thing happened 😊. I went on a holiday, had all the possible food and didn’t gain weight instead lost few inches. 🥳🥳 I would recommend Vikram as he is very professional and genuine. He is always ready and available to answer your query and personalise your meal plans to suit your requirements. He keeps pushing to achieve your goals and clams you down in deviation. He makes your journey sustainable and simple . Thank you Vikram for being a wonderful coach.

sachin mirpuri
09 Apr 2023

Its been four and half months since I enrolled with Vikram after a well calibration call. The goal was set , with patience and understanding Vikram took a very systematic approach to handle my progress and queries. Looking forward in achieving the goal soon under his mentorship!

23 Feb 2023

I started my journey with Coach Vikram about 5 months back. I got to know about him through a cousin of mine who had worked with him and had an amazing transformation. Seeing his progress made me reach out to him and I can absolutely say with 100% confidence that it has really been a great experience so far under his guidance. I have managed to go from 73 to 67kg in this timeframe and also able to build strength, which was my primary goal. I had never worked with a fitness coach before and came with a lot of pre-conceived notions about fitness in general. But when I discussed about my goals with Coach Vikram, he explained in great detail about how this whole transformation journey will go about. He also kept the whole process very simple and easy to understand. He made the plan not too overwhelming or difficult to follow, by making gradual changes and giving appropriate time for me to adjust to those changes. The weekly follow-ups ensured that I was always on track and he made adjustments in diet and workout plans constantly to help me achieve my goal. If I had any deviation from the plan, he would not reprimand me for not following something. But instead guide me towards getting things back on track. Even though I was a bit skeptical sometimes as to whether I could really follow the plan 100%, but the whole approach that is designed by Coach Vikram never made me feel like its difficult to stick to. Even at times when I felt that I could not see any visible change in my body or on the weighing scale, he made me realise that its the overall process and journey that matters, which also helped me a lot to keep my motivation. He is a great motivator and a phenomenal coach, especially when it comes to having a holistic approach towards fitness, which makes it sustainable in the long run. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with him and I am definitely going to continue my fitness journey with him, to have the best possible version of myself.

Ds Prashanth
20 Feb 2023

Fantastic! My journey so far with Coach Vikram Sir has been a fantastic start & I have seen the changes in my body by already losing 16 Kgs! Coach Vikram has been excellant in working with my specific needs and truly understands what is necessary to help me meet my goals. His meticulous approach to diet & workout plans to tailor it to my requirements has been amazing to witness.Thank you Coach, looking forward to Continue my Transformational Journey with you!