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06 Feb 2024

I enrolled with Coach Vikram almost 9 months back and so far it has been an amazing journey. I started with a goal to just do something for my health since i had a monotonous lifestyle. And in the first call itself i realized that its so easy to discuss things with Vikram since he listens everything with so much patience and he was really supportive in understanding my situation and health condition. He never forced me to eat something which my stomach couldn’t digest since i had gut issues initially. The entire workout plan was made as per my body requirements and with the equipments that i had available at home. Within few weeks itself I could see such a positive change in my physical and mental health. I lost more than 10 kgs and so many inches but one thing that changed majorly was… i gained strength, my immunity improved, i dont have any gut issues now and I am able to eat almost everything. All this because of Vikram’s guidance and support. I didn’t even realized when did i got so much interested in fitness. Vikram is not just a fitness coach he has been a great mentor to me who have educated me on how to make the right choices. I had so many ups and downs in this journey but i cannot imagine the transformation i had without his guidance and support. Weekly calls with Vikram is not just about checking on my progress but it was also about guidance, motivation, mindful eating, sleep, hydration, managing food cravings, stress and what not… he has helped me in achieving a healthy lifestyle with perfect balance which i thought was not possible with full time job and managing the house without any help living overseas. If you are ready to take the first step in your fitness journey i would say he is the best coach you can rely on. I am truly grateful to have Vikram as my coach and would continue this journey ahead with him because i really value the support, time and trust he has put in me as well. Thanks Vikram!

Snehal Saxena
11 Oct 2023

The journey has been fantastic with Vikram Sir. It takes real skill to allow you to eat everything and still stay fit. To a coach who will not let you starve both in terms of food and positive energy! And moreover, he is the coach that becomes your friend and strives for the best of you!

Chaitrali Kshirsagar
05 Oct 2023

I think many assumptions were made by him on my behalf - Plan continuation - in 6 months I did not see any major change even after following his diet and exercise plan, Weekly calls - time slots booked were not respected. I agree there are some emergencies which can pop up, but perhaps not this often.

jerson george
03 Oct 2023

My experience with Vikram has been transformative. He has not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but also changed the way I approach food and instilled discipline in various aspects of my life. His expertise and guidance has been invaluable, and I'm grateful for the positive impact he has had on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Now I know that my life and the way I see food and nutrition has changed forever. The confidence I got under his mentorship is invaluable. Thank you very much Vikram. You are the best!