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Yashika Singla
31 Mar 2023

I have been practicing yoga with Vijiya for the past 4 Months. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable!! I can definitely observe noticeable changes in my body. I gained so much flexibility and strength! It’s challenging, but through clear instructions and consistency, I could achieve great results. She uses her perception to help students improve techniques.. also catering individual plans to achieve goals throughout each session. She has critical ability to challenge students while keeping the classes enjoyable and informative!! Highly recommended!!!

24 Mar 2023

I started Yoga with Vijiya 4 months back. She is a thorough professional and it has been a pleasure training under her. Vijiya understands health issues especially of women, and plans the workout accordingly. Her calm voice and energy works very well for me especially after a busy work day !! I do not have a drastic transformation to show but I have things to be happy about. I could barely do a single surya namaskar when we started but now there is a distinct change in my energy levels which I notice in my daily activities. I had developed a lower back ache which is manageable since I started exercising and has not aggravated. I am sure with consistency, there will be more changes to come. Thank you Vijiya. I can see you being an important part of my fitness journey in the times to come.

Sudha karthik lr
16 Mar 2023

I have been training under vijiya for the past three months. In the beginning of the yoga  training  I was worried about my health condition which often limited my movements. I was pleasantly surprised by Vijiya, she was so welcoming and caring about me and always gave me alternative exercises to keep me involved. This definitely made my experience so much more enjoyable. She always supported me physically and mentally and was ready to make any changes I requested. I never left her class without a smile on my face. Thankyou so much vijiya for being there for me and supporting me in every aspects in my journey. No words can express my gratitude towards you!!

Noor Sabharwal
14 Mar 2023

I have been practicing Yoga with Vijiya for the past 5 months. She has been instrumental in cultivating my interest and building consistency in my workout. I wake up looking forward to our sessions and she is the first person I see as I start my day. I love her positive energy and the calmness in her voice. She is constantly adapting to my level of strength and I feel we have come a long way. When I count my blessings, she is also the one I am grateful for!