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Vijay Tambi


About Me

Hi, I'm Vijay Tambi a fitness enthusiastic & an ISSA certified in Sports Nutrition Science. Fitness is not just about your physical appearance, but inner health too. I believe a human body can achieve anything if one has will power to overcome their fear & their comfort zone. I have always been into sports represented my state in football & attended India champ, but due to my ligament injury i have to quit football in peak of my career, this is where my fitness journey started & since then there's no looking back. My journey from 20% body fat to 7% has been a magical journey, during this period i have competed in Body Power audition in Kolkata regional. I have been into fitness field since 5 years & SQUATS has gave me a great platform, helping people with their fitness goals is as pleasing as anything could ever be. I have guided & transformed lot of people in different age group from a young aspiring fitness enthusiastic to a senior citizen who is looking for general health being. I believe i can help you too, set your goal & get ready to achieve it with me.... Show more



Sports Nutrition from ISSA.