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Abhi Sharma
06 Mar 2024

I had the pleasure to train under Vibhav’s for the past 12 months and all I would say what a knowledgeable, practical, positive and humble person Vibhav is. He doesn't just talks the talk; he leads it by example. Seeing his genuine commitment to a healthy lifestyle is beyond inspiring. It's real, it's relatable, and it makes me want to step up my game. What also sets Vibhav apart is his authenticity. It's refreshing to have someone who truly cares about your progress and well-being. If you are looking to start or continue your fitness journey, you won’t go wrong with Vibhav. Trust me; your fitness journey will thank you!

Binodini Khatua
05 Mar 2024

Thank you so much coach Vibhav for guiding me in this great fittness journey. All the meetings are so enjoyable and I learned a lot from you. You have had so much patience working with me. I can say, you are the best coach. God bless you. Thank you so much again for your inspiration and guidance. I really appreciate it.

Reema Gupta
28 Jan 2024

I recently completed a six-month transformation program under Coach Vibhav, whose guidance went beyond just providing excellent nutrition and training advice; he focused on imparting the fundamental principles behind these practices. This approach was very important for me because it empowered me to become self-reliant in managing my health and fitness. After all, fitness is not just a destination but a lifelong journey. Coach Vibhav's commitment was remarkable, especially in adapting to the constant changes in my circumstances – be it the city I was in, the equipment available, or the feasible dietary options. Despite these challenges, I experienced a consistent upward trend in my progress, dropping from 59.5 kgs to 50.5 kgs! and noticing considerable changes in my energy levels. This achievement was remarkable, considering I never felt hungry or overwhelmed by the exercise or nutrition chart. The knowledge and habits I've gained from Coach Vibhav are invaluable. They have instilled in me the confidence to maintain and build upon my progress independently. He cares deeply about the progress of his clients. I highly recommend him for his comprehensive, educational, and truly effective approach. Thank you so much coach! 🙏🙏

Gaganjot Kaur
06 Jul 2023

Having Vibhav as coach feels like you have been heard. He is a wonderful coach and guides you best. I lost about 4kg in 6 months of journey. He has been so patient with me as I have so many health issues and it always has been super hard for me to lose weight but Vibhav made it possible. Thank you for your guidance and support 🙏 I will be contacting you soon in a couple of months. All the very best and good wishes! jot xoxo