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Ashok Kumar
20 May 2023

I am thrilled to share this with everyone out there. I started my journey with Vibhav in Dec 2022, and I'll say the journey has been transformative. His exceptional understanding of nutrition and training coupled with his tips on how to eat outside made the entire journey extremely smooth. Our pre-defined check ins helped me with accountability, and they altered my perception of what to expect when I stood on a weighing scale, that losing weight is a part of the process -and not the whole process itself. In last 24weeks program, I have lost 12kg weight (Start weight : 89.1kg, today weight: 77.1 kg) and gained a lot of strength and stamina. Vibhav tips and advice does not only help in achieving the fitness but also helps in other aspects of life. He helps in inculcating the healthy lifestyle to remain fit throughout of your life. In terms of handholding and support you can depend on Vibhav to be there. I am beyond impressed with him and I team up with him to start another phase of my fitness journey. Thanks so much Vibhav!

Ena Khanna
19 Apr 2023

Fitness is a lifestyle change, not just a one time fitness goal, and that’s what Vibhav will work on with you from day one of your enrolment. He strives to work with you and teach you how you can maintain your fitness and health regime during travels, parties etc. as we all have a social life too. I’ve completed almost one year with Vibhav as my nutrition and fitness coach, and during this time I’ve lost many inches and 3-4 kgs weight, this may not sound too great but my starting weight wasn’t very high. I started at 56kgs 29.5 waist last year and today am at 52.5 kgs 27 waist. I keep enrolling with Vibhav coz he keeps me accountable not just every week but every day, we didn’t miss even a single weekly call in last 12 months. Very accommodating and understanding too, though he may not sound like one initially ;) All in all, a great coach and a human being too..! I can keep enrolling with him in future too without any second thoughts.

purvi patel
23 Dec 2022

Coach Vibhav is one of the best! He is very dedicated to his job, if you are not serious of losing weight and willing to commit to making a change DO NOT enroll under him. I've had 4 coaches before him, but didn't have much success. Although I didn't have much weight to loose, I needed to lose some of the baby fat. I have a major problem with eating sweets and coach Vibhav is the first one to add it to my plan making it easy for me. He is also the only coach that has had weekly calls to check on my progress. He is very organized. I have been with him for 48 weeks. I kept re-enrolling to have someone hold me accountable if I had a cheat meal (which there were many). It was under his guidance that my daughter and I WON 1st place in TC17 for mother and child category. I am very thankful to have him as a coach and lead me towards a healthy lifestyle. Now I'm at an ideal weight and much stronger to enjoy life with my 2 young kids.

Mit Patel
23 Dec 2022

every week he calls me for an update, there were ups n downs with what I've started he was so supportive and motivating me at each and every step... can't thank him enough for that, even checking up on me when I felt low like a friend, and keeping me up on my toes by pushing me towards my goal and reminding me about it everytime and moreover making me understand, discussing my concerns about anything I ask him, My journey is gonna be long and would like you to be part of my journey, thank you for lifting me up and pushing me a true coach can only do this!! At the end. All i want to say is result speaks for it selfs. 🤙🏼