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"Hey, I am Venkatesh Valavil. Certified from Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences. The genesis of my fitness journey began at a very young age ( year 1995 ) in Resistance training and Martial arts. Since the very beginning, I have considered Health and Fitness as one of the main pillars that shapes one's life and consider it to be everyone's birthright, irrespective of an individuals gender, creed, profession or preferences. I am a drug free fitness expert, body sculptor and a tenured martial artist. My principal specialism lies in being able to balance fitness simultaneously with other equally important areas of life, viz: profession,family,social life. A case in point is my own professional life, wherein I was the Head of a highly profitable Business development vertical for one of the worlds largest conglomerate. Getting honored with notable awards at International Award conclaves while simultaneously achieving my fitness goals and spending high quality time with family and friends. Now, my mission as a fitness expert for you is: 1) Step by Step assist in transforming you to be the very best version of yourself. 2) Work on your Mind Power that assists you in staying committed towards your goals. 3) Make this journey an absolutely safe, respectful and enriching experience. Please know that this is a Team Work and would recommend an enrollment only if our thoughts and goals vibe, so please have a prior conversation before enrollment. WELCOME ABOARD !!... Show more

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