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Neel Sapre
23 Apr 2023

I'm writing this review to praise my fitness instructor, Coach Venky, for his help in helping me lose 7 kilograms of weight in the past 5 months. I went from 81kgs to an ideal weight of 74kg. And It felt like I barely sacrificed to get there! I started working with Venky in November 2023, and I was initially skeptical that I would be able to lose weight. I had tried many diets and exercise programs in the past, but I had never been able to stick with them for more than a few weeks. However, Venky was different. He was patient, encouraging, and knowledgeable. He took the time to understand my goals and my fitness level, and he created a customized workout plan that was challenging but achievable. Venky also helped me to change my diet. He taught me about healthy eating habits and how to make small changes that would add up to big results. He also helped me to find healthy recipes that I enjoyed eating. As a result of working with Venky, I have lost 7 kilograms of weight, and I have improved my overall fitness. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before. Fun Fact : I live in the US and went back to India for a month, and I was able to lose weight despite being on holiday in India! I am so grateful for Venky's help, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to lose weight or improve their fitness. Some of the things that I appreciate most about Venky: He is knowledgeable and experienced. He is patient and encouraging. He is creative and flexible. He is easy to work with. He is able to provide guidance and support even when you are traveling I would not have been able to achieve my fitness goals without Venky's help. I am so grateful for his support and guidance.

Rahul Raj
18 Oct 2021

My journey has just started..It's been three months approx , lost 5 kilos but gained a lot of confidence and still growing strong. You are going to be a major part of my journey as a mentor, coach and guru. There is a lot to achieve with "US" as a team. Keep rocking, keep inspiring and keep pulling me back on track once I deviate :)

12 Oct 2021

Hello Venky Sir, It was indeed a sound decision I made to join Fittr. It's been a truly fulfilling experience under your expert guidance and coaching enroute my journey of loosing 10kg in 6 months. You've been a great coach, mentor and an inspiration to me to achieve my present fitness levels. I feel more confident today and my awareness towards importance of fitness is also skyhigh thanks to you. 10kg is something I couldn't have dreamt of without your expert coaching. Lastly, would also like to mention that I found you to be a great human being and and wonderful person. Thank you for your expert guidance which made me achieve my fitness goal. Thank you once again !! Regards, Anagha Sakharkar

Sahithi Motamarri
16 Aug 2021

Venkatesh is really good and on time with his ccoaching. Though I couldn’t be consistent with my diet and excersise but I am thankful for his guidance. Thank you venkatesh.