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Rutuja Vaidya
06 Sep 2023

"I am incredibly grateful to have Vedang as my nutritionist. His expertise and guidance have transformed my approach to health and nutrition. Vedang not only provides well-researched and personalized meal plans but also takes the time to educate and empower me with the knowledge I need to make healthier choices. He's a great communicator, always responsive to my questions and concerns. Thanks to Vedang, I've seen significant improvements in my overall health and well-being, and I have been consistently progressing towards my weight loss goal under his guidance. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable nutritionist."

chetty arun
05 Sep 2023

Working with Vedang is just simply amazing. While every coach out there might give you suggestions, Vedang on the other hand supports you throughout your entire journey. He didn’t just help me with my body recomposition but also helped increase my knowledge in fitness. He always helped me understand the logic behind every workout and diet chart. And always was ready to debate with me on fitness. That’s something that no one does IMO. And this practice of Vedang just helps you gain a lot of knowledge. I can’t thank him enough for that. I’ve worked with him for 6 months for my cut. And it went amazingly well. He made the entire journey so smooth for me that I didn’t find it hard for even one single day. I am currently working with him for the bulk and I am excited to see how I’ll be shaped up! I 100% recommend Vedang if you’re looking for a trainer. I’ve worked with a bunch for trainers in the past and no one came close to where Vedang is.

Yuwaraj Gajre
01 Sep 2023

you are simply best Vedang 👌 👍 ..I am glad that I choose you as my coach....honestly when I started my fitness journey I was not confident enough and belive me when i am saying this I was not expecting result what I got.. all I can say is you guided me so well that you made my all assumptions and understanding wrong about workout and diet.. I was under impression that diet always have to be boring and you can't eat all the food you like you need to give up on many food items which you like most thank you for guiding me for not giving up on my favorite food and how I can have them without compromising my macros.. and Yes definitely guidance on workout and how to be consistent helped me lot not only in my fitness journey but in my personal life as well..All I can say is kudos to your efforts towards making many lifes fit and helping in all way you can..Cheers buddy and keep guiding people and again Thanks for answering all my silly questions 😀 😊

Manali Gadekar
10 Jul 2023

Food is life and definitely emotion. I did not realize when my emotions and stress got the worst of me and I got into emotional eating. Been working out past 2 years but that only gave me blind assurance that "okay I can eat whatever I want, I am anyways working out". Definitely that never did any good. At the back of my mind I wanted a difference but I always dreaded being one of those who got into fad diets, that’s when I finally checked out for a coach on Fittr. While looking out for coach I bumped into Vedang's profile and went through his page and decided to enroll with him. He's been nothing but a amazing coach. I did not even realize how time went by and now here I am looking at my before and after pictures thinking "ohh this happened". The start is always difficult but what matters is how you keep going. It took the right kind of guidance and motivation from him to keep moving on and just like he always says "be consistent..don't give up now". The plans Vedang gave was exactly how I wanted, it was flexible easy to follow and had everything I liked (rice). I did not even realize how and when my diet has now become my life style. Although its mid transformation….It’s extremely special for me to be sharing this and just keep going !! Cheers Vedang I owe you one :)