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Sohil Belim
04 Jun 2023

I decided to join Coach Vaibhav Kale, and that was the best thing I've ever done. He made it easier for me to understand the concepts of quantified nutrition and how to manage training volume and routien. During our weekly calls, he explained many technical concepts to me. I haven't missed a single call yet since I learn something new about fitness and a healthy lifestyle every week. Really pleased with the improvement and keeping up the good job.

Pratiksha Pawar
09 May 2023

Vaibhav is the best coach anyone can have. He was available all the time throughout my journey and helped me to achieve my goal. He customised my diet and workout in such way that i can follow easily and suits to my life style. In diet food nothing was added fancy, just a simple home food but quantified. Thank you vaibhav for amazing guidance and support.

Vijaykumar Racharla
15 Dec 2022

Its very great having you as my Coach and im very glad and happy at the same time for all the efforts you put and i assure you tht with passing time I will come up with the best results .

Rahoul Ingle
15 Dec 2022

Vaibhav is very genuine in his approach & why I am saying this is bcuz he is more focused on getting result. Very polite and always eager to help. Another thing which I noticed is he gives reason for dos and donts. which eases out the process and this journey becomes fun