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Hardik Shah
23 Jan 2023

I have had the pleasure of working with Tushar as my personal trainer for almost 4 months now. Tushar is not only knowledgeable but also dedicated and enthusiastic. He created personalized workout plans tailored to my specific goals and needs. He has been a great support throughout this ongoing journey. I feel significant improvements in my strength, endurance and overall well-being. For eg. I ran a 5k this week after 6 months and was able to do it rather comfortably. Tushar is not only a great trainer but also a great motivator and I look forward to each session with him. I highly recommend Tushar to anyone looking to improve their fitness and achieve their goals.

Nisha Shah
21 Jan 2023

I have been training with Tushar for more than 6 months now. When i started my jouney for fitness journey with him, i was barely able to lift 3 pounds for any sort of exercise and did not have a good range of motion. Tushar helped me attain the strength gradually. Today, after 6 months, I am able to do several exercises with 10, 15 even 20 pounds for some in each hand. This has come with a lot of effort & guidance from Tushar. He gradually helped me grow & even pushed me when needed. He has a lot of knowledge regarding fitness & has always motivated me to push for more than I think I can do. At the same time, he is very punctual and gives 100% of his attention to you during a session. Keeps us informed if any plans are going to change and was flexible when we had to move sessions at some times. He is extremely knowledgeble, polite & caring and a great motivator. He is a fantastic coach & I would highly recommend him to anyone new or seasoned who are looking for a strong supporter in your fitness journey.

21 Dec 2022

I started training with Tushar 3 months back and can see a visible change in myself. I have become stronger and do not shy away from lifting heavier weights anymore. As someone very new to strength training I had many doubts but he has always been patient and encouraging and provided the right information. I look forward to continue training with him until I meet my fitness goals, and would definitely recommend him!

Simran Gupta
18 Aug 2022

I am about to finish 2 months of training with Tushar sir and will continue with him until I achieve my goal. He is an amazing trainer, he understands the needs of the client and trains accordingly. I have anxiety issues due to which I was unable to attend sessions in the given time slot, he pushed me, motivated me to train whether it is for 30 mins and gave me options of different time slots. My main focus is to get rid of fat and convert it into musle mass, he makes me understand the science behind it and guides to think beyond the myths we believe in when it comes to loosing weight, fat and diet.