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Strength and Conditioning
Martial Arts
25 May 2023

Workouts with Trupti are absolutely fun. That said you have to put in your best foot forward and take the time to commit for a healthier lifestyle yourself and rest Trupti will take care of. I have been taking PTs since over a decade now and have had wonderful trainers. As a woman in early thirty's, I started missing that "spark/motivation" with which I would look forward to my workouts. But that came back when I started working out with Trupti. It has to do with how you she designs the 50 mins. I have had workout injuries in the past and was skeptical trying few things but Trupti not only helped me over come the skepticism but also worked with me towards a stronger version of myself. She is amazing.

25 May 2023

I have always had a leaner upper body and almost all the fat was in my lower body. This has always given me a disproportionate pear shaped figure. With countless hours of cardio workouts and crash diets, I figured I lose fat only from upper body making my upper body even thinner, neck and face leaner, and body even more disproportionate. Knee issues run in my family (mainly because of knees bearing most of the lower body weight), and I wanted to take control of it before it came to my backyard. I approached Advance PT Coach Trupti Badam with this request. It has been 3 months with her and I can visibly see the difference in my lower body (back and thighs). During every PT session, She targeted all the muscles, with special focus on lower body. There was never was a single day without squats :) Full time job, living in a foreign country, mom of 2 boys (3 and 6 year old) - all the more reason to skip workout at the end of an exhausting day. But, with Trupti, You just have to show up, she takes care of the rest. She structures each workout like a set of dance moves transitioning seamlessly from one to other. I highly recommend Advance PT Coach Trupti to anyone who is looking for a PT trainer.

Sushma Aleti
16 Mar 2023

I have been training with Trupti and I am very happy with the workouts. she is very consistent and motivates me to workout.

15 Dec 2022

I have been training with Trupti for over 7 months now and I have the best training experience so far. She makes sure to teach me the correct posture patiently. I joined with the intention to gain weight and muscle mass. I am happy to see amazing changes in me. Thanks a lot to Trupti for the excellent training and support.