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Chaitra Ramesh
20 Jan 2024

I had heard a lot about Fittr from years but refrained from knowing more and benefitting from it as I had thousand doubts about it. Years later, I finally made up my mind to join Fittr only because I heard such positive reviews from one of my friend. Needless to say, I had ghastly relationship with food. I could easily eat 3 slices of pizza and still had the audacity to look at garlic bread. I also just wanted to lose weight magically. Was all up for making changes during the weekday but wanted to loosen my reins during weekends. But in the grand scheme of things, under the program helmed by Tanya, I learnt how I could make a life style change and still be happy and content, all 7 days a week. Initially I struggled but in the fullness of time, Tanya's gyaan started swimming in my mind effectively which helped me to make good choices. I also learnt to bounce back quickly to stay on track after not-so-good choices. Adjectives fail me to describe her as a coach. Such is her myriad qualities. PS- I just had a highly scrumptious home made salad whilst the rest of my family ate pizzas. Credit goes to Tanya, for she has coached me how to maneuver from bad diet and how to make healthy eating unbelivably easy!

Madhuri Anantha
02 Jan 2024

I am thrilled to write this review for my incredible fitness and transformation coach, Tanya. From the moment I started my fitness journey with her, Tanya's expertise and passion have been truly transformative. Her personalized approach, tailored workout plans, and motivational guidance have helped me achieve remarkable results with PCOS. I lost 17.6lbs in 1 year sustainbly. My periods got regualr and PMS got manageable. Tanya's unwavering support and encouragement have kept me motivated even during the toughest days. I definitely recommended Tanya if you want to be fit and healthy.

27 Dec 2023

My journey is only halfway through but my heart wanted to write a review for Tanya, thats how great she is ❤️ Tanya is absolutely amazing. I have never met a trainer more invested in a client's journey as much as Tanya is. She is available literally 24/7 to answer even the simplest questions with so much patience. I have been struggling with PCOS and weight loss almost all my life. Nothing was working for me, and I was devastated, losing all hope until I met Tanya. Tanya's training and diet plan helped me lose 4 kgs in just one month. My body changed dramatically. Even everyone around me was shocked and kept telling me how lean and petite I suddenly looked. I love Tanya; she is kind, helpful, and a gem of a person. I highly recommend her to everyone. 100/100

Neelambika Hogtapur
23 Dec 2023

I enrolled twice with Tanya. During the first time, I lost 5kgs of weight with an effective diet and home workouts, meticulously guided by Tanya. During the second session, my cholesterol levels got under control with increased immunity. The great thing about her is she makes the entire journey really easy and sustainable for her clients because of which the motivation for the course remains intact. I am extremely happy and content with her methods. Sincere gratitude for the support and guidance