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Sonali Gupta
09 Jul 2024

Tanya possesses the ability to offer a fresh perspective on fitness. She not only trained me but also educated me on how to maintain a sustainable diet. I initially believed that sustaining a healthy lifestyle required completely eliminating sugar and fried foods. However, Tanya taught me otherwise. She is inspirational and empathetic, genuinely striving to understand and address individual challenges. Note to Tanya: you are the best trainer I have worked with and you are truly an inspiration. Thank you so much for your patience and dedication. 😊❤️

Nileema Somani
21 May 2024

Tanya is a delight to be coached from. The three months with her was a very informative, transformative and fruitful time. She not only helped me break my plateau but also educated me about the right way to do the strength training. She is always available to answer your queries and consistently follows-up with you. Even if you give up on yourself, she doesn’t give up on you :)

Ketki Joshi
12 May 2024

I enrolled with FITTR under coach Tanya in Oct 2023 for my weight loss journey. I was able to lose good 15lbs weight during this period.  She has been an amazing coach, always motivating, encouraging and very friendly nature. Few times I also went off track due to the holiday season,  sick toddler, sleepless nights etc. But she was always there for me, always asked me to forget about these phases and come back on track. One thing I was really impressed with her was that she understood that this is life and such things keep on happening.  She was flexible with the diet changes, always checked with me if I was comfortable with the diet chart provided. I was not much into workouts previously but she made sure that I was doing it at least 3-4 times a week and also made changes in workout plan if I was getting bored with the same plan.  She never missed our weekly calls and was very much punctual too even though we were in different time zones. I had to stop my journey mid way because of some personal reason for few months but whenever I decide to restart, I would definitely do the same with Tanya.  I would definitely recommend Tanya as a coach, friendly, understanding and always motivating. 

Nandini Ramakuru
28 Apr 2024

I am super duper grateful to Tanya for my fitness journey. It's been a year since I first enrolled with Tanya, and she's been motivating and guiding me ever since. I initially started with the goal to lose weight and after shedding my weight (~11kgs), now she's helping me focus on my strength. I love how my goals have evolved with time. I was looking for a coach who will not just keep parroting 'consistency, consistency', but someone who will actually empathise with me, understand my lifestyle and support me. And that's exactly what I got with Tanya, and more! She is patient, understanding, positive, and a great accountability partner. When I'm not able to follow the plan because of hectic work or travels, she breaks it down so that I can try to do the bare minimum so I try to do at least that without taking a break. And when I do end up taking a break (which is a lot!) she motivates me to come back on track, without me feeling guilty. Apart from the weight loss and strength, for me the biggest change has been my relationship with my physical health and body. I now have a better understanding of how my body works, and how it responds to exercise and different kinds of food. And this awareness is empowering and priceless! Thank you Tanya for everything! ❤️