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Pooja Patel
14 Apr 2023

Working with Tanya was uplifting, encouraging, and a fantastic experience. Tanya is a phenomenal coach whose patience kept me going on my FITTR journey for the past 12 weeks. She consistently followed up during the week, made changes to the diet and workout plans as needed, and was extremely kind throughout the process. One challenge for me was trying to get steps with all of the snow/ice/cold during winter. Tanya provided realistic tips and tricks to stay on track. I’ve learned so much helpful information with Tanya’s expertise. I am looking forward to maintaining this lifestyle, staying healthy, getting stronger, and feeling good. Thank you, Tanya!

Nitin Kapur
09 Apr 2023

I had joined 12 week engagement with Tanya with two goals, weight loss and Start my gym journey with strength training. I must say she managed to get me loose weight more than target I set at start of engagement and also made to achieve right initial results via strength training. Tanya worked very closely with me via one to one discussions, text follow up, weekly calls. she is very proactive, supportive, patient. she listens and then helps with right and customised diet advice, gym schedule. I was so impressed even when I finished engagement she offered to be available for support and advice. Tanya is Tanya is Highly recommended if you looking to get a right Guru to get Fit

Bhavana Balakrishnan
31 Mar 2023

If you are looking for someone who will make your fittr journey stress free, Tanya is the person for you. I am one of those people who CANNOT diet (even if my life depends on it). I was initially nervous signing up, but Tanya's plan and her methods made me enjoy this journey. Her commitment to ensure you are comfortable and you are enjoying the process is amazing. One of the biggest challenge for me in the past was to stay consistent, she made sure to check-in everyday and be my motivator throughout. She has always been available (irrespective of the the time difference) to guide me. She customized the plan for my liking, so I didn't even feel like i was on calories deficit. Overall, towards the end of my 12weeks i can see visible transformation which is my biggest motivation and all kudos to Tanya.

Aditya Shah
05 Mar 2023

I enrolled with Tanya for a 12-week Partner Transformation Program along with my wife. My wife had already done one program with her, and she recommended me to enrol for the same as she had a wonderful and positive experience getting trained under Tanya. Before starting the program, I did not look overweight, but I knew I had significant body fat and less muscle mass. My objective for enrolling with Tanya was to lose body weight and then build muscle strength. I had previously tried some dietary changes and had also started weight training on my own. But I did not take any guidance from any expert and ended up with some nasty injuries due to bad form. Tanya understood my requirements and gave me guidance on how I could plan out my fitness regime. She is an expert in her field and leads by example. We started with first understanding my daily routine and my dietary preferences. Based on this information, she planned out my diet and workout regime, which could easily fit into my daily schedule. She regularly asked me for my workout videos and provided feedback so that I could improve my form. She continued this feedback cycle for the entire duration of the course. Even though I was in a different time zone, Tanya tried her best to provide quick timely responses to my queries. Her responses were detailed, and she provided scientific explanations wherever applicable. The best part was she did not consider me and my wife to be just her mentees. She was more like a friend. Interacting with her, and sharing our concerns and doubts was very easy. She made us feel comfortable in the process and ensured that we stay motivated in the journey. She used to share anecdotes of her experiences in the fitness journey as well as the experiences of other mentees and that made us realize that whatever difficulties we might be facing are common amongst all in this journey and the way to overcome them is by being consistent and disciplined. She believes that getting fitter is an ongoing process and there is no shortcut to it. So, her diet plans and workout plans were also designed around this principle. We had a healthy relationship with the food during our course and it is the same right now. I was around 73kgs when I started and lost around 8kgs during the 12 weeks program. Due to weight training, I also achieved significant muscle gain and strength. I plan to rejoin the program again and I would recommend Tanya to all my friends and acquaintances who want some genuine help and guidance to achieve a FITTR life 😊