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29 Oct 2023

Tabish is an excellent fitness coach who provides tailored guidance according to one's physique and body type. I lost more than 12 kgs in the span of just 4 months, along with gaining lean muscle and not feeling any fatigue. He patiently addresses all queries and is very understanding in terms of preferences and any injury. For a long time, I wanted to have a fit and slim body, but I thought it would mean cutting on my favourite foods. But Tabish gave a good sustainable plan, which I could follow without any difficulties. I am committed to working towards my dream physique with his support and will definitely recommend Tabish to anyone who wants to attain an ideal fit and healthy body.

Darpan Shinde
25 Sep 2023

I embarked on my fitness journey with Fittr, formerly known as Squats, armed with knowledge on diet and exercise. Despite my best efforts, I found myself in a frustrating cycle where the weight I shed always returned. My health suffered, and my energy levels plummeted due to persistent gut issues. In the midst of this struggle, I realized the priceless value of having mentors and teachers in life. It became abundantly clear that if I desired genuine results, I needed guidance from a coach. Enter Coach Tabish Naseem, whose transformation stories inspired my decision to seek his expertise. I candidly shared my daily diet routine with him, and to my amazement, he crafted a plan closely aligned with my existing habits. This alignment proved to be a game-changer, keeping me firmly on the path to progress. Even when I faced the challenge of travel, where food choices were often beyond my control, I learned to make the best decisions based on the customized diet Coach Tabish had designed for me. No obstacle was insurmountable, and Coach Tabish's unwavering support ensured my consistency, regardless of the circumstances. We adapted workout routines seamlessly during my travels, making every moment count. In just three months, I achieved weight loss that had previously eluded me. Looking back, the journey feels like a remarkable transformation, yet it didn't feel as arduous as it might have seemed. There's more to accomplish. The road ahead holds promise, and I'm ready to embrace it with newfound vigor and determination. Thank you coach, Fittr and JC :)

20 Aug 2023

Thankful to have found such an amazing and exceptional coach in Tabish He has helped me pave my road to build a healthy relationship with food and overall fitness Tabish focuses on nutrition and was most attentive to my needs as an individual and was quick to tailor my plan based on my preference Not only I lost 10 kgs in 5 months but also feel overall healthy. M fitting into M/L sized clothing when at a time I had to choose XL

Usama Usama
05 Aug 2023

Great experience working with Tabish on my weight goals. Very satisfied with my progress and to being introduced into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I lost 9kgs working with him and feel energetic now. Despite our time differences due to living in different countries he would make arrangements to communicate regularly. He customized my meal plans in Ramadan and also when I traveled. If I plan to join u lnder a coach again, I would definitely join with him.