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Hassan AbdulRaheem
19 Apr 2023

I started my fitness journey with Coach Tabish back in September. Before starting I was not that fit and healthy. I have a lost a noticeable amount of weight and some changes in my appearance as well. Although due to academic reasons I was not that regular with workout and diet but I made some changes. His diet and workout plans helped me a lot in losing weight. I would recommend Coach Tabish to anyone who is looking to join the fitness journey. Will try to enroll again with Coach Tabish again if I got a chance ahead. Thanks to coach as well for being cooperative throughout.

Ashish Sinha
10 Apr 2023

3 months back I started my transformation journey along with Tabish Naseem. Cut to 3 months later, I was able to bring my weight down from 76.5kg to 69kg. I feel a lot fit, energetic and my old clothes fit me again. It was a tough few weeks in the beginning but then things started to get easier. Tabish was really supportive and approachable throughout answering all my queries. He always kept a keen eye on my progress and encouraged me continously. A big thank you to him for all the support and guidance.

Suyash Mishra
21 Dec 2022

I restarted my fitness journey after quite some time.. tabish helped me get back to the habit of staying committed towards fitness… and the best part is that it was pretty much effortless..he patiently listens to what you have to say and gives very practical solutions to any issue you might be facing in this journey…. Additionally, he is an expert in providing the diet plans which suits your lifestyle and at the same time get you closer towards the goal…I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get a coach to consider him as he probably would help you achieve your fitness goals without much fuss!

Wali M Khan
30 Jun 2022

I restarted my fitness journey after 3.5 yrs from Jan'22, weighing initially 106kgs & now at 93Kgs, what I lost: waist from 41.5 inches to 33 inches. hips : 44.5 inches to 36 inches chest: 41.6 to 35.5 Tshirt from XXL to M Jeans : 40 size to 32 all just in 24 weeks, he listen to ur need & designed sustainable diet which was easy to follow & made my dieting a simple stuff.