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27 Jan 2024

I had the privilege of training under Sweta for a full 24 weeks, and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. Sweta's guidance and support throughout the training were exceptional. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition is extensive, and she tailored my workout and diet plans to my specific goals. What truly set Sweta apart was her dedication to my progress. She consistently followed up with me, checking in on my workouts, diet, and overall well-being. This level of attention ensured that I stayed on track and made consistent progress week after week. Sweta's motivation and encouragement were instrumental in helping me push my limits and achieve results that I didn't think were possible. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm made every training session enjoyable, even on tough days. I can wholeheartedly recommend Sweta as a fitness trainer. If you're looking for someone who not only possesses great expertise but also cares deeply about your fitness journey, Sweta is the trainer for you. My 24 weeks under her guidance were truly life-changing, and I couldn't be happier with the results I achieved. Thank you, Sweta!

19 Jul 2023

I enrolled for 24 weeks under Sweta. She worked out simple multiple diets chats for me with what I eat on everyday basis. That gave me lot of options to play with. She in the very first call convinced me on logic about weight training and even though I enjoy cardio hilt more, i was drawn to weight training also. Very soon , she gave me full liberty of following my own pattern of food and workouts. But still kept everything warm And she of-course is very friendly person Love 🙏

Vini Saldanha
20 Apr 2023

I am so glad i enrolled with you, Although i did a 12weeks plan which had a superb impact on my body lost 8.5kgs which i am so proud of. i am sure wouldn't be able to do it without your guidance and my loyalty towards the program 😬.

Swati Oberoi
19 Apr 2023

Thanks a ton for being an amazing mentor, Sweta. I enrolled for the 12 weeks plan with Sweta and learnt to embrace many important things about diet as well as excercise. My interactions with her brought home the importance of weight training instead of the yoga regime I was following for weight loss. Further, I embraced her philosophy of 'whatever can be quantified can be monitored'. I am now much more regular with my workouts and mindful of what I eat. And watching you favorite food items once in a while is not a crime, so long as the overall intake is not out of whack. As a person, Sweta is very approachable and stays in touch on a daily basis, which is immensely helpful. Kudos to Sweta! Highly recommended!