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27 Aug 2023

I am so glad that I enrol under Sweeny, she is a very good coach and always listen to you very carefully. She has made a very big change in our outlook towards food. She is always available to help you and keep you motivated, best part about her is that you don't have to compromise with your cravings, she will adjust it in your diet plan. Thank you Sweeny for all your help and support.

Mahua Nandi
25 Aug 2023

Thank you Sweeny for all the motivation and efforts you have put in to make me keep going. I was 90 kgs when I started but after 24 weeks under your guidance I'm 77 kgs now. Now I know how to manage my diet whether it is a get together or family function I m always mindful of what I m eating, all bcoz of you.

18 Jul 2023

Sweeny is an excellent coach, she took my fitness journey as her responsibility. Whenever I was down or deviating from my diet plan, she inspired and motivated me to come back to the track. It is indeed challenging but she made it very simple. When I thought about my fitness journey, I felt diet is very hard to follow and exercises are very difficult. However, Sweeny discussed day to day food habits, after that she assigned me the similar type meals in a balanced protein carb and fats ratio which suits my fitness goal. And it is very easy to follow. She is always available throughout my journey, without any hesitation she answered all my doubts, she checked about all my activities throughout. It is a wonderful journey to start my fitness journey. I am very much satisfied and achieved my Fitness goal. these will be with me for my entire life time. Thank you Sweeny Gupta Ma'am.

Parul Priyadarshan
06 Oct 2022

Sweeny has been the best coach that I could have ever asked for. she is truly inspiring and knows her clients well... i have been running with tight schedules but she ensured that my measurements are updated timely and every week without Fail she ensured that she added the diet that I wanted...I enrolled for 12 weeks plan and while there was a little change on weighing scale, but I had visible inch loss from all over the body! I never felt I was on a diet with sweeny being on my side. Many thanks to her and I will be back soon with the next phase of my plan after festivities are over and needless to say that it will be with none other than Sweeny! thanks to dear coach.. you are just awesome!