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Hello there! It's a beautiful day to rise and smile. I am your fitness coach, Swarnali Saha, specialised in Fatloss, muscle gain, general well being, bodybuilding and contest prep. I have 5 years of experience in lifting, weight training and functional training. Let me tell you my story in few lines. I am born and brought up in a typical Bengali foodie family. I have had a pretty much active childhood and lifestyle filled with physical activities and dance lessons, until I reached the final year of my college when things changed drastically. I found myself drowning in a black hole of unhealthy lifestyle which lead to excessive Weight gain, acne prone skin, reduced stamina, and later very soon was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My only way out to a healthier happier life was to choose a healthier lifestyle and bring positive changes in myself. Hence I stepped in to the gym and started practicing quantified nutrition. Since then it has been a wonderful journey. I lost 25 kgs of body weight in the first 2 years after which the Weight scale didn't matter at all. I started competing in women bodybuilding bikini category in 2019. Till date I have won 2 gold and 2 bronze medals on international stage and the journey has only began. Sharing my knowledge and helping others' achieve their fitness goals is what makes my soul happy. I look forward to work with you towards your fitness goals and be a part of your beautiful journey towards healthier and happier life. Stay blessed Stay fit It's a beautiful day to rise and smile!... Show more


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