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Hello, I am an expert-level certified consultant from the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness sciences. I started my journey as an obese individual, caught with PCOS and stress to a healthy, active, and PCOS-free individual with science and the right approach. When I was pursuing my education from INFS, I used to excel in different competitions, such as articles on different topics. Similarly, I believe and try to perform my level best at each service that I provide. I specialize in designing suitable diet schedules and training regimes as per individual goals, current lifestyle, and preferences. A customized program is much more than set ratios for different diets; it must be prepared as per an individual’s need, history, and own requirements. I truly believe fitness cannot be a 12 or 24-week deal, it is a constant journey achieved by the right knowledge, its application, consistency, patience, and discipline. Thus I believe in educating my clients with the required knowledge, so they are fully equipped to continue fitness as a journey in a true sense. I will guide you about the maintenance after the program, as that’s how it will be sustainable for you in a long run. If you are reading this, you have already made the right decision towards being a better version of yourself! Let’s begin this journey today. Location: Massachusetts Time zone: Eastern Time... Show more


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