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Manisha Yadav
10 May 2023

I have enrolled with Sushmita twice within a year. In my first journey last year I was struggling to take out time for my health as I was working a stressful job with night time leaving me with little to no time for my health. I learnt the time management with Sushmita and how to divide my meals with night shifts. I enjoyed the journey with her. Her home based workouts actually worked miracles for me. However after my enrollment ended I gained back the weight and fat even more due to the sedentary lifestyle again. So I pulled my strength again and enrolled under Sushmita again. Starting this year we were more focused on building habits with small changes in lifestyle. She has helped me in addressing all major and minor queries and was available whenever I needed her guidance. I participated in TC18. This was my first transformation challenge and I made it to the top 250 with the customized diet and workout plan of Sushmita. Under her guidance I actually learnt the meaning of "Consistency is key" Recommend her highly.

Bhumika Sharma
09 May 2023

Meeting Sushmita has been a life-changing experience for me. I had struggled with my weight for a long time before I met her and she really helped put things in perspective for me. Also, I have been in and out of gyms for the better part of the last decade; I would lose weight and put it all back on and then go through the same soul-crushing experience again. Working out with Sushmita has helped me understand my body better. With Sushmita, I have made breakthroughs in understanding my own physical limits and, what works and what doesn’t, and structuring my workouts and diet plans accordingly. She helped me attain focus and will power which is the key to changing one's lifestyle. She is not only very good at her job, but is an immensely compassionate and kind person. The professionalism and passion for what she does is second to none. A great coach! I recommend her highly. :)

Rakshita Upadhyayula
08 Apr 2023

I am a working professional with an extremely stressful job. Had no control on the timing of eating food, the quantity or quality of food I ate and number of hours of sleep. I tried every odd route to lose weight including drinking food replacements. But when I hit 99.9 kg I knew my methods were wrong and I need help. That's when I reached out to Susmita. She was more than just a coach to me. She mentored me, guided me to have a balanced lifestyle and motivated me in my greatest lows. Though i couldn't lose more than 5kgs in 12 weeks, I made a great progress in life and inculcated healthy habits in my lifestyle. I'm really thankful to Susmita for the same and will continue my sessions with her beyond.

Nibedita halder
14 Mar 2023

Dec26. 2022- March14 2023 Starting weight-95kg Current weight-83 Kg I am a working professional with 6:00 am to 3:00 Pm shift .I have started my fitness journey by end of December 2022 when I enrolled myself under susmita.First time when i received call from her, we discussed my whole routine in details ,my preferences, my sleeping hours, my activities like each details. She provides the diet chart and also set the target needs to achieve like how much steps,how much water intake,sleeping hours. I just tried to follow them religiously and loses 12kg. I did nothing extra only followed her instructions. I am very thankful to my coach not only for helping me to lose 12 kg but to make the fitness journey so smooth and easy going . My overall health issues reduced,stress reduced, i feel more energetic and active. weight loss was so much harder before this ,life become easier. My coach have always listened to me and my queries and responded and make me understand where i was going wrong, how to overcome that. Thank you coach.