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18 Jul 2022

My association with Suraj over the past six months has been fulfilling to say the least. He has been quite understanding and accomodative of the fact that my work schedule sometimes does not allow me to continuously stick to my workout/ diet plan. He has always understood my requirements and limitations and tailored my plans such that I am able to continuously move towards my goal regardless of the situation. Although, I would like to believe that I am self motivated, but whenever the inertia or lethargy has set in, Suraj has made sure to bring me out of it by his constant perseverance for his client as well as making the workouts more interesting and enjoyable .... The best thing about Suraj is that he truly believes in 'Practise what you preach'. Having a coach who is not just knowledgeable but also fit and strong saves one the trouble of looking for an idol to be inspired from. The guy is himself an inspiration, a great mentor and a true motivator.... Keep at it Suraj as you help people evolve into their better selves.....cheers!!

15 Jul 2022

It's always a struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle and I am no exception here . I have always struggled to be consistent and had to put lot of efforts in maintaining myself and as a result I leave things in the middle before ending it but for sure it isn't the case now. Suraj became my coach via Fittr and I must say his patience is commendable. He listens to all of my concerns and adapt his coaching/training accordingly so that I have to not push myself much and also enjoy what I am doing or enjoy what I am eating without compromising on my regular cycle. Also his regular follow-up on the progress gives you boost to work harder on yourself. Till now I am very content with my journey even though I had a little break in between and its mostly because Suraj is a good motivator and advicer. Totally and absolutely recommended to anyone and everyone who wants to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

shubhangam sharma
15 Jul 2022

Since I have been training with you, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel better about myself. Thank you for being flexible with your schedule, and ensuring I get the most out of the time I have with you. You take great care of me and I am thrilled to be on this fitness journey with you.You have taken me to the next level! I am thrilled with the varied routines you have developed for me. You keep me interested and motivated, and I love the improvement in my body. I look forward to reaching new heights together. Thank you for taking me on this journey.

15 Jul 2022

starting weight: 88.2 current weight: 81.6 duration: 6 months. Suraj has been an excellent trainer, and a person that i could reach out to for a lot of things as well. he's been with me every step of the way in figuring out the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. thanks a lot, Suraj!