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Nehal Kashyap
27 Jan 2023

I appreciate the efforts put in by Suraj sir, giving me motivation, creating diet charts and workout plans. He is a very patient couch. His regular calls gave me more motivation and even the changes were seen in my body made me feel more motivated. Thank you Suraj sir and fittr

Nandita Das
25 Jan 2023

Late feedback: I was following Fittr for last one year and then finally August 2022 I finally decided to give it a try. The best ecision was to enroll under Suraj. He has been a fabulous coach guiding at every step. The best is he trys to customize the diet as per your health and preference at the same time ensuring the right quantified diet. I approached him for multiple changes in the diet as I was not comfortable with a few things and he patiently would go back and make changes. Also on work out never went all out from the beginning but helped to slowly pick up the different types of work out and stamina. My first 3 months went super and I got some great results inspite of having thyroid. I did enroll again however I couldn't do it diligently with multiple travel and health issues. He ensured to follow up regularly. Suraj without making the process sound very complex guides you. He is very well informed and super on his follow ups. My journey hasn't ended here and I will surely enroll again after a break.

25 Jan 2023

Thanks to Suraj for his wonderful support during my weight loss journey lost 7 kg in 3 months. thanks to Fittr for this great platform where we can achieve our dream body. thanks

Sandeep Maharana
23 Nov 2022

Late Feedback: I had enrolled with Suraj for 16 weeks program. Initially everything went well and within first 6-8 weeks I lost around 6kgs. however even though I lost few cms, but that loss was not that evident. Then i hit a plateau and Suraj worked upon my diet once again and again i started showing result but then I had to travel abroad. Intial 12-15 days my diet went haywire, but still I tried to be in my macros. after I settled it again continued with diet. as few food items were not readily available in Qatar, had to improvise at times with me diet..luckily i had gym in my hotel and I managed to workout for 4-5 days a week in gym. but there was progress at's just that I was maintaing what i already had reduced. Overall I would say, Suraj knows his job. Initially his diet helped. At times I felt his responses were bit delayed (could be because of his job) but nothing to compain.