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Nitika Taneja
11 Aug 2023

I still remember my first day of the plan where my focus was to just complete 10k steps, two months under Supreet and her supervision, i not only notice visible changes in my body but as well feel more confident and energetic. I have disciplined myself to complete my workout, complete steps and do way more and now I’m able to manage my household and office tasks as well simultaneously along with managing my workout schedule

Tanjeet kaur
21 May 2023

The first step is the most difficult step to take which I took about 3 months back..I enrolled under Supreet had many queries and after getting satisfactory replies I got finally enrolled under her and has proven that i took the best decision. Supreet is very professional, polite, supportive ,kind and very understanding too. She listens patiently and gives encouragement and motivation to keep moving ahead. I am satisfied with my progress so far. The diet and workout plans are all within my capable limits making my journey so smooth . Whenever I am offtrack she makes sure I get back to my track by building up my confidence. Have lost around 10 kgs in a span of 12 weeks but the journey is still on. Thankyou so much Supreet and I am grateful to you for your support. Highly recommended. I have full confidence to yet see a considerable change in my lifestyle/weightloss journey with your guidance.

pavithra Subram
06 May 2023

Supreet has been helping me with my fat loss journey for more than three months. The diet that has been provided is not too complicated which helps me to follow consistently. She always provides feedback about my workout and gives great tips to progress. It’s been great journey with Supreet so far :)

Parthivi Singh
28 Apr 2023

Have enrolled under Supreet for the past two months and will be continuing for another 3 months . Seeing some great results under her guidance . I have a lot of injury related limitations, Supreet worked and came up with a plan which is sustainable with my current physical conditions . So far have lost 4 kgs weight , changed approach from scale victories to non scale victories. Diet provided by her seems simple of follow and adhere …will continue the work under her guidance . Looking forward to reach my goal with this partnership . Thanks Supreet !!!