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Shelza Khurana Girdhar
14 Jun 2023

I was chubby since childhood. I used to join gym and after 1-2 months of loosing weight ,used to come back to the same track. after my baby boy was born in 2018 my weight came to its max. I was trying hard to reduce weight but never succeeded in reducing more than 2 kgs. I was a silent observer from last six months. but after knowing about process and after checking transformations on fittr I was sure that I will loose some weight. lost 10 kg under my coach Sumit Rana. under his guidance I ate a lot still lost a lot, weight and inches both. he is having a vast knowledge and helped me out in every manner specially listening to my queries and solving them.

Chetan Arora
22 May 2023

After enrolling with Sumit sir, my only goal was to gain muscle mass. The process required me to be patient and that's where Sumit sir has helped me the most during the transformation phase. He helped me realised my potential and made me believe that like everyone else i too can do anything and achieve my goals. Diet - The diet plan was full of all my favourite foods, with all the macros covered which enabled me to follow it without any inconveniences. Training- the training plan is something i still follow and will follow , I have learned so about each exercise, form, reps from him. The biggest learning has to be me learning about my body and how it responds after applying all the nutrition and training plan provided by Sumit sir.Thank you for all the learnings.

Abhishek Madhusudan Gupta
10 May 2023

it's a mind blowing journey of getting fit under the guidance of Sumit rana sir. I have bulging in disc in lumbar region and medicos asked me to avoid forward bending and to lift weight but today I can dead lift with 100kg weight and barbell squat with 90kg at body weight 67.5kg. i have reduced my back ache bcpz of the proper exercise plan and diet plan designed by Sumit rana sir. Thanks to Sumit rana sir to make me fall in love with gym, strength training and quantified nutrition

08 May 2023

I have already started losing weight this is the second time I have enrolled with him. Sumit has been very patient and flexible, he understands what my target is and accordingly gives me the diet and workouts. I had used other platforms before but was very disappointed but it’s very different with Sumit 🙂