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Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training & Nutrition
31 Jul 2023

I had a great training session for strengthening and conditioning which helped me tone my muscles. Sumit is a very consistent and sincere coach. He understands your goal and prepares your exercise routine accordingly. He improves your form and encourages to pick up more exercise. I highly recommend him for strengthening training and conditioning.

30 Nov 2022

It has been the best 4 months of personal training under coach Sumit. He is a professional and provides proper guidance on form correction. He posses immense knowledge about strength and conditioning. He is very punctual. The best thing about Sumit is that he maintains diary of my each day progress. He motivates me do more and more day by day. I remember, in my initial month, it was difficult for me to lift 2kg weight also. However he encouraged with progressive loading method which helped me to lift more heavier lifts. He ensures all the muscles of the body get worked on during entire week. His post -workout stretches help with muscle recovery and because of this I never feel tired or sourness. I am enjoying his training and started noticing difference in me in terms of energy, stamina and inch loss. I highly recommend coach Sumit to anyone looking to get fit.

Aditi Panda
27 Aug 2022

Even though I have only just begun, I already feel like I have accomplished a lot. COACH SUMIT is entirely to blame for this. He is extremely knowledgeable yet remains grounded and modest. I have currently shed 4 kgs, which definitely is a good news, nevertheless I still have a long way to go . And so,I'm working on it with the help of a fantastic mentor. Blessed to have such a presence around. He is a daily dose of discipline and positivity!! I will keep on updating as I proceed. Thoroughly excited for the future!!😌😀🙌

Gloria Stivan Irkal
02 Jul 2022

I have been training with Sumit the past few weeks and enjoy my sessions with him He is very patient and knowledgeable. the sessions are highly motivating n encouraging. he keeps record of all the daily workouts n weights used, monitors progress closely. my form has improved considerably n his feedback helps with the progress. even without expressing, he can gauge my energy level. he is very passionate about exercise n keeps upgrading his knowledge through continuous studies n certification. he explains the why and how of a form or exercise n the muscle group. he has been very accomodating and adapts to changes when possible and needed. appreciate his dedication and support in my journey to get consistent with workouts, which has been an ongoing struggle for me. I have gotten so much better now, having him as my personal trainer is a wonderful start to my day n energy level. I will definitely renew my package again.