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Shivani Naik
04 Jun 2023

Sumit is a FANTASTIC coach! He knows his stuff and recommends only what is the BEST for his mentee.... he follows a very reasonable approach and goes for a gradual change in lifestyle of his mentees. He is immensely hardworking and is a very good listener who hears out all your woes and even suggests solutions to tackle them, even though this is not his job to. :) My experience with Sumit as a coach has been a really fruitful one.... He is that coach who works with the mentee to develop a proper mindset that is required to inculcate a sustainable lifestyle. He is very practical and has solutions for all the typical problems which a newbie faces in his or her transformation journey. When my motivation dipped, he gave me so many tricks to bring it back on track... He's very balanced in his approach.... he is fantastic in creating accountability but he also has accommodated all my requests for food cravings from pizzas to mangoes to eating out. His positive and empathetic attitude really makes a ton of difference if you are going through difficult times. He puts in so much effort from his side that you also have to go ALL in after seeing such honest efforts from your coach! This was all very gradual and step by step and although I had some personal issues due to which I couldn't complete the last few weeks properly due to an accident and relocation to a new city, I lost 5 kgs in a very healthy way and knew the science behind what I was doing. Coach, you get 10000000/10 for the awesome person you are! You truly are the BEST-EST!!! BLINDLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE YOUR FITNESS GOALS IN A HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE MANNER!

Nagarjuna Uppukonduru
13 May 2023

To start with , Sumit had completely understood my requirements and developed plans according to my convenience, without compromising on my progress and this has truly made all the difference. My fitness transformation journey has been both manageable and enjoyable, and I have noticed significant progress towards my goals. Sumit’s dedication and commitment to helping me achieve my fitness goals have been evident from the very beginning, and I truly appreciate all the effort he had put into our sessions together. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with him, and have no dbt I will continue to achieve great results.Thank you for being an amazing fitness trainer and for helping me transform both my body and my mindset.

Tanvi Onkar
01 May 2023

It has been a great training experience with Sumit. To start of, Sumit is very calm, and a good listener and is effective at problem solving as well as a good explainer. I started my fitness journey with Sumit as a 12 week program and have loved his diet, workout routines, and the way he guides and motivates me. He is always just a message and phone away. He always tries to make the diet comfortable and personal to our food journey. I don’t even feel like I am on a diet, and do it with such an ease. He is very skill full in what he does. He follows up with me every week and updates my diets anytime I want some changes made. He includes all my favourite items(as I am a big foodie) and with his plan I don’t even feel that I am on a diet and have had some visible changes including weight, inches. Me and my brother have him as my coach and we loved him so much that we recommended my dad to start his fitness journey with him as well. I would highly recommend Sumit for anyone who his looking to start their fitness journey.

Deepthi C Nair
29 Apr 2023

Sumit is THE best coach you can enroll with!! He is super calm, patient and listens to all your concerns, genuinely clarifies every single point that you have without any judgements. He also explains clearly the motive behind the diet plan or any other nutrition related topics. Sumit has altered and created multiple diet plans, whenever I mentioned that I miss some kind of food or would like to add something, this helped making the journey towards being healthy really easy and sustainable. He keeps a regular accountability check which is much needed. I have had a really visible transformation so far, after having him as my mentor, and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with him. I would highly recommend Sumit to anyone who wants to start a sustainable health transformation. And Sumit, thanks a lot for your commitment, guidance, mentoring!