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Your Transformation is Not Your Goal. It's my Goal. Read My Reviews before you read my Bio. Full-time Coach  |  Top 250 out of 14k participants under Transformation Challenge- 9     |    Self-transformed (lost 22 kgs & sustaining as a  lifestyle  )     |    Listener    |     Motivator   Hey, I am Sumit. I graduated from the Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences.  (INFS).  My Expertise : 1. Weight loss & Fat-Loss  2. Weight-Gain & Muscle Gain 3. Getting Toned Physique & building Stamina  4. Getting 6-Pec ABS  5.Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss 6.Weight loss with medical conditions :    ( PCOD , PCOS , Diabetes , Thyroid , Blood      Pressure , Fertility , Injury  ) What can you expect from me as your Coach ? --> I believe in making the diet & workouts easy , enjoyable while being equally result oriented.Diet shouldn't feel like diet. Yes you can have all your staple foods ( rice , dal , chapati ) and sometimes your favourite foods as well. I don't let you have Cheat Meals . But yes we can have Planned Cheat Meals where your favourite foods gets included as alternate diet plan. It's also fine if you can't go to Gym but you can arrange Dumbells for Home-workouts if that helps you to be more consistent.  Easy but result oriented plans let's you be more consistent. Consistency with Simple plans brings result faster than Rigid plans with un-necessary restrictions.  --> I will CHASE you to get the Effort needed out of you until your Transformation is done. You can ignore me twice & I will chase back thrice. There is No Way Out once you have Enrolled under me .  --> I want to Motivate you, inspire you , listen to all your challenges & be a CONSTANT Hand-holder . I believe in keeping Human Touch required for this journey.  You can expect an Accountability text from me every night regarding.  " Hi...How was your diet & workouts today. If you have missed it out & then please let me know when can we have a call tomorrow & fix it out. Was it lack of motivation , busy-schedule or a stressful-day or any XYZ reason..."  --> I may not have faced what you have faced. But I do want to listen & understand How your fitness has made your life un-easy. And brick - by - brick lets create a huge wall of Fitter Version. It's about building back that confidence & that feeling to feel perfectly amazing within your own skin & inspire the people around . Let's become SOMETHING from NOTHING.  And then  EVERYTHING  from SOMETHING. Brick- by - Brick . ... Show more


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