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Do you know what's the best Project you will be ever working upon? It's working upon YOURSELF. Hey, I am Sumit. I am an Expert in science-based Nutrition and fitness. I graduated from the Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences (INFS).My story : It all began when I had to transition from university to a 9-5 job. With the very first salary I felt that its not only about money & after 6months I knew it deeply that I am not enjoying my 9-5 job & I desperately wanted to do something which I enjoy . I was always enthusiastic about Fitness but couldn't find the right platform to pursue as a full-time job. Luckily here comes FITTR where I saw inspiring Coaches who genuinely serves community to get transformed & here I found my passion .So I enrolled under INFS Courses & started learning & transforming myself from Obese to Fit with the dream of being a Coach & serve people in getting fit. After 1.5 years later I am a Full-time Coach now & I really enjoy working together with my mentees to bring up not just a physical transformation but a completely new lifestyle. Self-transformed from 82kgs to 60kgs, Ranked under Top 250 out of 9k participants for Transformation Challenge-9. I believe that there are no SHORTCUTS to get FIT but that doesn't mean we have to " Go Hard or Go Home". Transformation is about having a smoother journey that allows you to sustain your fitness for a lifetime rather than just achieving it aggressively & losing it back again. If you are a person who has busy work-life & stepping to Gym seems impossible, - OR a Mom who has gained a lot of post-partum weight who just checks out her old photos & wants to be fit again. - OR Busy Mom who has 9-5 job along with family responsibility & self-care has taken the back seat. - OR a frequent Traveller who is bound to eat at a restaurant frequently. - OR someone who has tried all possible Diets or Workouts to lose weight or gain weight & it seems impossible. If you are looking for a coach or a companion who can keep pushing you beyond your limits & keeps you motivated throughout your journey & drags you back on the routine when you go-off track till you make it then here I come to hold your hand so that someday your Fitness Journey inspires others too. Let go off your older version. It's time to step-up & re-invent yourself. The Better Version of you is waiting for you. You are just ONE decision away from a TOTALLY different life. Let's do it !!... Show more


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