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Ankita Joshi
08 Aug 2022

He is the nicest trainer I met, so humble, so much patience to always listen to me every time. He is very understanding, replying me on whatsapp Every-time even if he is busy he will tell. Always tried to listen to my problems and to provide solution at the same time. I was really skeptical to take diet plans but he was The one who motivated me and encouraged me to maintain the regularity. ( I was really not good in that 🙈) Thank you much Sumit for putting so much of efforts and thank you for making me choose foods which suited my lifestyle 😊☺️ Will surely renew my membership once I get back to my city 😊

Mojesh Timothi
17 Jul 2022

Just once he gives diet and workout plan and boom he vanishes worst experience with him no follow ups no monitoring call and he himself doesnt answer phone calls.

BP Singh
02 Jul 2022

Joined with high hopes and I am very disappointed with him. In 3 month he just checked on me once while joining and once when the program was over, you have to give him updates as he will never ever bother you. He gave me a standard diet without checking my body composition. Not worth 6500 for 3 months.

01 Jul 2022

Unfortunately I did not have a good experience at all. Hardly checked in and gave any feedback. The first 3-4 weeks were okay but after that no response at all. Did not take into consideration my PCOS either when prepping a meal plan. If you want to be a coach you need to communicate and motivate your clients, never felt that with Sumit.