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SenthilKumar Mani
27 Apr 2023

We(my spouse and myself)had the pleasure of having Sudipta as our fitness and diet coach for almost an year, and we can confidently say that she has been a game-changer in our fitness journey. From the outset, Sudipta was professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly motivating. Her expertise in both fitness and nutrition meant that she was able to create a personalised program that was tailored to our specific needs and goals. Sudipta has got incredible knowledge and she was able to put a comprehensive diet plan that was practical for both of us despite having different chronic medical conditions. After 6 months into the coaching, dosage of my partner’s medication was reduced and this can only be attributed to the game changing diet plan and the tailored workouts planned by Sudipta. One of my main goals when I started working with Sudipta was to lose weight and improve my half marathon pace. Sudipta provided me with a comprehensive nutrition plan that was easy to follow and provided me with all the nutrients I needed to fuel my workouts and my daily activities. She also created a fitness plan that was challenging but achievable, and I could see the results almost immediately. Throughout the entire process, Sudipta was always available to answer my questions and provide guidance and support. She was always encouraging and pushed me to do better, but she also knew when to dial it back and give me the rest I needed. Her relentless efforts, positivity and enthusiasm were infectious, and I always looked forward to our weekly sessions. Thanks to Sudipta's coaching, I was able to lose weight and improve my half marathon pace significantly. I feel stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before. I would highly recommend Sudipta to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, motivating, and supportive fitness and diet coach.

Bahnika sen
25 Apr 2023

I was stuck with my fitness journey. So I was looking for a coach who can break my stagnation and push my body towards further progress. That's where I found Sudipta. On our first phone call, I realised that she is the one who can guide me. Initially when I shared my doubts and concerns, she patiently asked me to trust the process and have faith on her. And I did that. And never looked back. What a mentor she is!! She changed my workout plans, designed my diet and was present whenever I needed her. She is always a text away. She has always monitored my workout forms through videos and suggested improvements. I did TC 18 with her, and she was equally involved in this journey too. I am at my best physique now. I could not have done this alone. There is something about her persona that will make anyone achieve their goals. She has this conviction that has always imbibed confidence in me. It's been 6 months with her, and I am looking forward to many more months of guidance from her. Teaching and learning are based on fundamental philosophies of progressivism, existentialism, perrenialism, behaviourism and constructivism. I am blessed to have found all these in my mentor. She is my mentor for life!! 🙇🙇🙇

21 Feb 2023

It's been a beautiful journey with Sudipta and I feel like I finally got my mentor for a lifetime. It's been 9 months since I enrolled under Sudipta and she took away all my fears about dieting and working out. I was doing intermittent fasting from 3 months and my periods got abnormal and I started getting clots due to unsupervised fasting before I started my FITTR plan. Then I met Sudipta and my chums got absolutely normal in a month with proper diet and workout. Unlike other mentors I had in the past, Sudipta is really hard-working, reachable at any time, supportive, concerned, caring and punctual. I get compliments from others that I am looking more fit, lean and glowing. I am emotionally very stable now. My sleep is enhanced and it helps me perform better in my work. Thank you Sudipta for being there for me in my difficult times and for helping me to get through it and never giving up on me!!

Nirlipta Rath
02 Jan 2023

Posting my midway transformation journey Name- Nirlipta Rath Coach- Sudipta Dash Weight Loss- 20kgs My transformation journey has been absolutely wonderful with Sudipta. I was introduced to Fittr through my elder sister. It is one of my best decision to join Fittr and that to connect with Sudipta for my weight loss process. Having PCOD it was extremely difficult for me to lose weight and on the top of it I also have Migraine. But i would say by taking this weight loss program I not only could reduce PCOD symptoms but also my migraine is less frequent now. I remember having my first conversation with Sudipta where i told her about my health issues and how bad i am in doing exercise daily. Added to that being a foodie, i always said no to dieting. She assured me that I won't be able to believe my transformation after 3 months if I follow her diet plan and instructions dedicatedly. I started my journey on 14th July,2022 weighing 83kg at that moment. Supidta consistently encouraged me and guided me throughout. She provided me diet plans, workout plans and all useful tips. Also she also helped me for leading a health life style. With the end of my first 12 weeks plan I weighed around 66kg. It was like a magic for me. I extended my Journey with Sudipta further for another 12 weeks and currently i have reached till 63kg. And the process is still continuing. Sudipta has been an amazing mentor all together. I thank her for all her encouragement and guidance which worked like magic for me.