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Disha Seenu
05 Sep 2023

Hi Sudipta, I’d like to take this opportunity to show my utmost gratitude for your guidance. Today is teacher’s day and I must thank u for everything u did for me. I started with u when I was extremely low physically and mentally and I chose u over the other FITTR instructors I’d spoken to because of the very logical approach u shared. I gave my honest attempt at this and boy oh boy has it paid back. I started with a very high cholesterol level, so much so that a doctor with decades of experience was stunned. Ideal level is around 4 and I started with 9.6 overall cholesterol. And now, just after 3 months my cholesterol is near the ideal limit. Plus I have a lot of stamina. I’m physically able to do things that I could only dream about. Mentally and emotionally I’m in a better place too. Thank u, Sudipta. I can’t wait to feel even better and grow healthier with your guidance 🙂

Amir Inamdar
25 Jul 2023

What an absolute transformation it has been! Sudipta is an amazing coach, very knowledgeable and constantly encouraging and keeps you motivated throughout your journey. Yes she can be a tough taskmaster at times but will also understand and support you when you slip up, which you will. We have been working with Sudipta for over 6 months and over time she has changed the way we think about food and exercise. We are going to stick with her for the foreseeable future and look forward to a healthier and fitter self!

24 Jul 2023

It’s been an amazing journey with Sudipta for the past 7 months. We enrolled for 6 months initially and having seen the terrific results we signed up for another year! I think, this in itself, speaks enough about Sudipta. We have been very disciplined in our journey - all thanks to our coach who has always encouraged us very patiently. She has been very prompt in answering our (very numerous 🤪) questions. She suggests alternatives to diet / exercise when we are travelling, to ensure that we do not divert too much. I wish I had the option of giving her 10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Highly recommend Sudipta!

sonakshi hota
25 Jun 2023

Six months into postpartum, I was overweight and tired all the time, and this had taken a toll on my confidence. This is when I stumbled upon Fittr and chose Sudipta as my mentor. The diet plans she provided were so flexible that there was enough room for innovation. The exercises were just the right amount to fit into my busy schedule. Both the plans worked wonders for me. I am so happy that this program has changed my relationship with food.The change is inside out. With her meal plans, I would feel satiated and stopped munching on junk. Thank you so much, Sudipta, for always being there and guiding me in this journey! forever grateful for the learnings