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YCB Level 3 (Yoga Teacher & Evaluator) Ministry of AYUSH

Therapy Yoga certification (Iyengar Yoga)

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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
Agrima Aggarwal
24 Mar 2023

Subir has given me incremental learnings and introduced me to experiential yoga. My body and mind feel better and energy levels are higher. Its always a delight to learn such powerful knowledge in its authentic form without losing its essence. He has been an excellent coach in this virtual set-up ensuring perfection and consistency with my practice. Grateful!

Vineet Maheshwari
01 Oct 2022

Subir is an excellent coach with in depth knowledge of human anatomy, musculoskeletal dynamics and overall well being of body and mind. His education and experience in the field of hathyoga makes him a perfectly qualified coach for every age group and body types. His communication skills are excellent and he makes a sincere effort to explain the theory behind each asana. He pays very detailed attention to the minutest of the motion of each body part and corrects you as you do the asanas. One day I woke up with a backache and mentioned it to Subir during our session. Typically such backaches uses to take me atleast a week to recover from in the past. That day, we focused on yogasanas focused on relieving the backache. No kidding, my backache was gone the next day! I got Covid a few weeks ago. Subir taught me multiple breathing exercises (pranayam) which helped me quickly get over some of the lingering effects of Covid (cough, congestion). In the last 1.5+ months that I have been practicing yoga with Subir, I have noticed an increased flexibility in my body, a stronger core, greater balance and better sleep quality. I highly recommend Subir to anyone who wants to feel better about their body and wants to stay healthy.

Ashwini Nandedkar
16 Sep 2022

Me and my husband , we both were in search of a good yoga mentor for awhile and we found Subir. What a gem of a person he is . He has enormous knowledge of Yog_Shastra , our Vaidik Puran Shastra and even of Stregth training . Not only he is an amazing mentor but he is a great influencer too. Within a month we have learned a lot of from him not only about physical ability but even we learned about mental ability too. Every session is always full of knowledge . He makes sure we do every asana , every posture perfectly . Thank you so much for your amazing guidance. Looking forward to more fun filled and knowledgeable sessions with you . 🙏🏻 Hari Om !!

Fitness Lover
16 Sep 2022

Subir where were you hidden gem. Subir is such an amazing guru. Has all the knowledge about yoga. He has been such a great influencer that i am now going to even learn sanskrit. Subir is always checking and making sure i do asanas perfectly. Never jumps to new asanas untill i do basics correctly. I already see huge difference in 1 month as my energy levels have been great whole day otherwise I always use to sleep in afternoon. Highly recommend this yoga powerhouse guru. Hari om