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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
27 Jun 2023

One can not explain the test of any 100% without testing it same way I would say one has to Experience the Yoga class with Subirji. Person like me who never remain disciplined towards Mind, Body and Spirituality came accross this coach and after 5 months practice completely changed. His Knowledge, Experience and commitment towards yoga students are remarkable and not easy to find. Just one sentence at the end - Only right Jeweler can give the right price for Dimond - if you go to wrong person, even Dimond can be valued as stone. Same way our mind and body priceless and you don’t want to go to wrong jeweler.

09 Jun 2023

It’s been a pleasure taking yoga with Subir and would confidently say he is a brilliant instructor. Subir has a deep understanding of anatomy and alignment, which he clearly communicates. He has a gentle and calming demeanour, making it easy to relax and focus on the practice. Subir’s classes are well-planned and varied, ensuring that I am engaged and challenged. Safety is always on top priority, he routinely offers modifications and adjustments to possess. Appreciate how Subir incorporates mindfulness and meditation techniques into his classes, creating a professional and holistic experience.

Amit Chandak
01 Mar 2023

Words cant describe the transformation Subir has brought about in the last 6 months i have been doing strength and yoga sessions with him. I have a lower back issue and Subir read up as much as he can to come with a plan to target my particular situation. My posture has improved tremendously, i dont feel lethargic even after long/strenuous hikes. The best thing about his coaching is because he has a deep knowledge of anatomy, he knows which asanas to do first which will eventually enable you to do the asana you were targeting. His selfless attitude to really helping out his clients (more like friends) and caring about them makes him stand out. He is very flexible with his scheduling and goes out of his way to accomodate. Everyday i look forward to my class, no matter how busy my schedule be. Thanks a lot Subir for all your help and i will continue learning from you as much as i can and till whenever i can.

Divya Ananthapadmanabhan
28 Feb 2023

Subir is an excellent instructor and is very patient and calm. He is very thorough in Ayurveda concepts in addition to Yoga and provides awesome explanations in simple terms for anyone to understand. Explains everything clearly and provides a little nudge when needed. He customizes the Yoga asanas according to my level and my current limitations. I have only been practicing for 2 weeks now, but every yoga session has been great and makes me feel very involved and I look forward to practicing every day. The practice really helps me feel calm, refreshed and improves my sleep quality. He is also very punctual and uses the time effectively. It feels like we did a lot of asanas, at the same time, the time goes by very quickly as Subir makes you feel connected to the practice. Thank you Subir for your thoroughness and dedication towards the Yoga practice and relentless efforts to spread it to others with patience and a smile on your face! I look forward to learning more and practicing consistently. Thanks again! Greatly appreciate your support and encouragement!