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Rridhee Malhotra
29 May 2023

I really like how humble punctual and holistic Shubham is as a trainer. I really enjoy working out with him. He is very understanding and designs your workouts around your needs instead of generic exercises. Also he is very flexible and pushes you to do your best without pushing too hard. I highly recommend him!

28 May 2023

He is always punctual and he pushes me to my maximum without hurting myself. He always check on my muscle pain and stiffness. He always focuses on my form and corrects me promptly when I go wrong. He always change the exercises. No two days feel the same. Each day feels like progress. I have become more confident, energetic and happy. His overall positive attitude is very motivating.

Sneha Parekh
20 Mar 2023

Shubham sir is simple amazing ! I like his classes coz he customises the program as per each individual and hence focussing on my goals . It’s a Small group so attention on me is good. He is very warm and very knowledgeable and very pro in his work who can just make out from the video about our form and corrects us to get the right form first and then do progressive load. He keeps on motivating us even when we feel that we can’t do it. He has flexible timings so we don’t miss our training and we can sustain it for long time. It’s just a start, long way to go for me and I look forward to train under his guidance each day. It’s So good for mental and physical health .

Jayesh Smith
20 Jan 2023

Subham is one of the nicest coach I have seen. He is always punctual and keep me to push my maximum without hurting myself and highly motivating.He is highly knowledgeable in what he is doing. I’m under his coaching for last 2 months and I can see a big difference in myself. I have increased my strength and flexibility now. I will highly recommend Subham