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Tarunya Jyostna
24 Feb 2023

I have been training with Stuti for over 6 months now . She is very knowledgeable with her craft and very good at it . She is very flexible with her sessions and accommodates schedule changes . The first time we try any pose she explains the science behind it and how it helps one’s body . She is very detail oriented and does not rush you into anything . She focuses on doing the poses right and observes very keenly (believe me she observes everything when you think β€œshe can hardly notice β€œ) and suggests adjustments accordingly . I enjoy her sessions and always look forward to them, as they helps me stay focused and energetic through out the day . Thank you Stuti for helping me take one step forward towards healthy lifestyle .

Suhas B
20 Feb 2023

Me and my wife have been training under Stuti for more than 6 months now , she is easy to talk to helped us with our fitness journey . Her sessions are a combination of yoga and meditation which is really good , she is passionate about yoga and very knowledgeable. She works on our flexibility and strength and slowly pushes to our limit . we really enjoy our session and look forward for the same . Thank you stuti for helping us with our with fitness goals .

22 Sep 2022

After having a kid, I had never imagined I can achieve my fitness goal of FIT at 40. But now I am so determined to achieve my revised goal of FIT at 39. Three months ago, I signed up with my favorite yoga teacher Stuti Mishra. She is so easy to talk to and helped me create a workout plan per my needs. I have come a long way – not so much in visible parameters like inch loss but flexibility, mental peace & happiness. She is a certified yoga instructor so I can totally rely on her. She always corrects my posture and made me understand the importance of it. Alas, I am happy to be like a child where she creates a plan, I follow it and am seeing results. When I go to bed at night, I feel a sense of achievement and look forward to the class every weekday morning. She has also helped with my competitive spirit where I went from doing 20 Surya Namaskars in 20 mins to 18 Surya Namaskars in 5 mins. Thank you Stuti - I look forward to achieving my goal under your guidance.

22 Sep 2022

Stuti is not only my yoga teacher but also like my personal doctor πŸ˜ƒ.Her yoga recommendations and tips has helped me to get instant relaxation from my back pain and throat problems. She is genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about yoga which had made a person like me who had always ran away from exercises enjoy it and do it even on off days. she is very patient while the session and recommends exercises as per your strengths. After her yoga sessions i feel much more calmer which reflects in my overall day to day to activities. I can clearly see more flexibility in my body, as when I had started with her i wasn't even able to bend properly to now doing suryanamskars it's been an exciting ride. Overall it has been a great journey with her so far and i highly recommend her. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟