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preeti goswami
21 Jul 2023

i have been trying to enroll with stan since march 2022. most times i did not get her slots free so i had to go with 4 other Fittr coaches who were equally good. But finally in 2023 june, I enrolled with stan. i have been trying to stay consistent with exercise but have always failed. I hate exercising. Most days I came to exercise with a negative mindset and Stan changed that for me. Stanzin is the first coach who did not judge me. Did not force anything on me. Did not set a time frame, did not compare me with others who lifted heavier or better. She respected my journey, my mindset and also respected the dislike I had for exercise. It's been almost two months since I have been training with her and i would like to continue for as long as i can. Best part about her- she will always try to make the session interesting. I am a person who gets bored easily. But not this time. She will push you to give your best but also understands mental and physical limitations. And that's what makes me look forward to her classes the most. She is attentive to details and plans the session well. So far this has been my best experience with a Fittr coach for strength and conditioning.

10 Jul 2023

Stanzin has been mentoring me since the last year. When things were out of control and I was not sure, if it was the stiff neck, back, or the usual stress. It was hard to focus, to sleep well or to wake up. Careless lifestyle had started showing its results.but then My trainer….was GOD sent, She has been very patient, kind and accommodates my schedule, as best as she could. She takes an extra mile, be it about the diet plan, custom workouts,  follow up or the needed motivation. Should have joined her sooner.

Shameek Chakravarty
03 Nov 2022

It’s been a week since I got started with Stanzin, and there are several positives which are clear to me already. Stanzin’s workouts are varied and there is a clear plan behind them. She also makes quick adjustments to the workout intensities and scales down or scales up the workouts based on my performance on the day. A committed professional - it’s great to have her help in my fitness journey.

Anshita Srivastava
19 Apr 2022

I have been training under Stan for more than a week and I am loving every minute of it. The best thing about her is that she is truly invested in my health goals. The workout sessions are challenging, fun, engaging and very insightful. She clearly explains why we are doing a particular exercise, what is the benefit and what I should focus on while doing the movements. The two most important things that have stood out for me while training under her are - the way she plans out my workouts and the way she motivates me to do better, especially when I’m struggling. I am really happy that I chose her as my PT and I look forward to our sessions every single day of the week!