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30 Aug 2023

Worked with a few different trainer/coach in the past, but this guy is top notch. Hands down to his knowledge, backs science for every exercise you do, pros and cons, will not fancy about different variations, straight to the point and bull's eye. I would recommend him anytime for weight/ strength training. He will make himself available for you in every possible limit.

Akash Harish
28 Aug 2023

Srikanth is one of the best coaches I have seen. I have trained with him for quite sometime and have seen excellent results. I started of with weighing almost 80 kgs and reduced to 67 kgs. The best part about the training is his logical and creative way to get the exercises done. This way it will be applicable to any body type. Would definitely recommend him for any age and body type.

bindu sundar
24 Apr 2023

Excellent coach, professional and very patient and accommodative. If you are looking for strength training with weights, look no further. Srikanth is your coach!

Ravi Nuguru
29 Mar 2023

One of the beat coaches i have seen. Very professional and knowledgeable. Srikamth can guide on both fitness and the diet.