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Strength and Conditioning
Strength and Yoga
sumedha bhagat
28 Apr 2023

Sonam has been my constant for last 6 months or more 🧐, hmm looks like I have forgotten the time in her company. She has been so consistent in pushing my limits with her tailored workout plans for my body, so much that I have started believing I can do things which I would not dream otherwise. I am so thankful to my health coach/trainer Sonam to understand my body type n it’s limitations( I have weak knees, pregnancy induced core issues , pure laziness…) while working with me and transform it. I feel strong, have gotten strength to do many things which I could not before and loosing weight consistently is just the byproduct of it. I have much more to do,but I know path is easy forward with Sonam along. Choosing her will be one of the best decision of your life!

Ronita Sengupta
28 Apr 2023

I have been training with Sonam for almost 4 months. I could barely lift 1 kg weight when I started but with proper training and guidance from Sonam now I am comfortable in weight lifting. Also she focuses a lot on my form and posture so that I don’t get injured. I absolutely enjoy all the sessions and with her guidance and encouragement I hope to achieve my goal in future. Thank you Sonam.

Himani Singla
24 Feb 2023

It’s been more than 6 months of me training with Sonam and it is still going on. I must say she is very professional at work like joining and ending sessions at exact times so I can really plan my time well. Quality of the sessions are also up to the mark as the whole week is planned well covering strength training, HIIT as well as Yoga. Every session is an improvement of the previous session as she follows progressive workout . I can see many positive changes in my body both small and big which has improved my quality of life. I would highly recommend her as a PT. Thanks a lot Sonam for all your efforts!

Mahesh Chinta
31 Jan 2023

I have been training with Sonam for almost 6 months, She is very good motivator and give more emphasis to form. Initially, I had low in energy and very inconsistent. Now with her help I could able to manage my schedule and also have good energy levels to perform what is needed to achieve my short term and long term goals. Sonam is very knowledgeable in nutrition aspects. She educates about alternate sources of nutrition which helped me a lot. I recommend her 100%